Project 365 – To the Middle of March

Ah… the 365 Project.

I’m a little bit behind. Ok, ok… very behind.

And I have a little confession, one that I may already have confessed before: Some of these photos weren’t taken on the day I’ve put them down as. And yes, I am struggling a bit to properly keep up this project. But I don’t want to quit because there are a few missing images, or because I’m behind on updating them. When I look at other people’s completed projects, especially the ones that document their children, I’m always struck by how lovely it is to see the changes that young children go through in the space of a year. That is still my motivation. So if a photo was taken a few days either side of the date I’ve assigned it to, but it captures the essence of what Thomas and our family was like at that time, then that is good enough for me. If I get to the end of the year with a set of photos that reflect our year as a whole, that will be success for me, even if it doesn’t conform to someone else’s definition of a completed Project 365.

So better late than never, this is the first half of March.


Still unwell. This is a very uncharacteristic pose for a little boy who never normally stands still.


We went shopping today, partly because we had a few things to get, but also as a way to get Thomas out of the house without any major pressure (i.e. we could easily come home again). He was actually on good form, amusing several people by standing inside the shop window of Paperchase and blowing his cheeks out against the glass! Sadly I did not get a photo of that, but I did get a picture of this. He took a real shine to this Thomas the Tank Engine umbrella in Mothercare. He was running around with it ‘Singing in the Rain’ style. Removing it from him when we needed to leave initiated a tantrum…


Following illness, food has been an issue. Toast and Mini Cheddars have been the staples, but it turns out chocolate biscuits are also quite welcome!


Favourite game of the moment – turning the bathroom light on and off. And on again. And off again. And on again. And… you get the picture!


Thomas has suddenly decided that he quite likes riding around on his Wheely Bug. The broom is, obviously, along for the ride. I think he sees that broom as his little friend.


There is something about this picture that I love. And he looks so much like I did at the same age.


This was my entry in to the March Me & Mine


Thomas loves cars, buses and lorries at the moment, so standing at the window in Starbucks is great. Of course, he also seems to like licking windows at the moment…


We were eating pizza. I can’t remember what made Thomas laugh like this, but I do remember that the whole meal was punctuated by Thomas declaring “Mmmmm. Mmmmmmmmmm”


Trust Thomas to use a toy in a completely different way to that which was intended!


Not what you expect to see in March.


Definitely not what you want to see in March! At the deepest point, there was more than 10 inches here!


The flying biscuit monster! I dislike everything about this picture other than the fact it contains my two favourite boys!


Shake your maracas! Thomas loves music and dancing. He will issue his maracas (and tambourine) to anyone who happens to be near (including, for example, the boiler repair man) and then expect you to shake them until he puts his finger to his lips to “sssh” you. If the musical instruments aren’t to hand, he’ll wave his hands at you to “conduct” a chorus of “la la la la las” and again silence you with a finger to the lips!


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