Project 365 – More March, More Thomas

I swear that this 365 Project is not meant to be a Project Thomas, but I can see it is starting to look that way! Of these pictures, only one does not include Thomas. I suppose it stands to reason. I am most likely to pick up my camera each day to capture something interesting, amusing or cute that my son is doing!


All dressed in red, ready for Red Nose Day at nursery


We went to Ikea today. Thomas thought it was the greatest playground ever! This is actually the first time he has ever worn his backpack reins without throwing a strop – I think there was just too much exciting stuff to look at to get bogged down having a tantrum about reins. Even with them on though, we had trouble reining him in. At one point he barged through two women looking at a wardrobe so that he could kiss himself in the mirrored door! And of course, he climbed inside at least one…Mar172013

At my parents’ house. This is my childhood Brio set. The track layout was courtesy of Daddy, but Thomas was chief train driver (and maraca shaker, to boot).


Stealing my breakfast. This happens every morning. Without fail. He then goes on to steal Ian’s breakfast before eating his own too!


Lately Thomas has started snuggling down like this when he is tired. He’ll put his head down then wriggle his body around for quite a while. It’s a much better tired sign than the screaming he used to treat us to!


Bathtime! Thomas absolutely loves his baths. His skin would prefer it if we didn’t bath him every day, but Thomas most definitely would not!


I had to pop in to work to sort a few bits out today, and Thomas came along to say Hi to everyone. We tried to get him to make himself useful, and sat him in the big receptionist’s chair. Unfortunately he was fired for dribbling on the keyboard!


A classic Thomas pose, peering over the arm of the sofa. I’ll miss this when he’s tall enough not to even notice the arm of the sofa, never mind peer over it.


At a soft play birthday party. He went crazy climbing and chasing and had an absolute blast. This was also the first birthday tea he’s been to where he sat at the table and ate party food with everyone else (rather than in a high chair or on my lap). He wolfed down his ice cream dessert faster than anyone else too!


Reading with Daddy. We had gone to the pub for lunch and were waiting for our food to be served. A sure fire way to entertain Thomas is to get out a book. I just love how much he loves books.


Playing with another of my old toys, the “Clatterpilar”. Thomas has really “got” the idea of pull-along toys now.


Reading with Great-Grandpa, who had stopped by for lunch long with my mum, on their way to a hospital appointment.


Oh dear. Somehow Thomas has learned how to fit a plug in to a plug socket. He can actually get it right in there, the right way up and everything. I’m simultaneously impressed, and terrified!


Wine! An Easter Case ordered as part of a special offer from Naked Wines. A whole case of wine is a bit of a novelty these days!


Mummy and Thomas, a phone selfie taken at a local shopping centre.


I’ve already talked about our day on the farm here.


I’ve also already talked about the chocolate cake experience!


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