Project 365 – April: Mess

The unabiding theme of these pictures seems to be mess, whether made by Thomas or by his Daddy!


One of Thomas’s favourite games is “Row, Row, Row the washing basket”. He’ll try to climb in, emptying it first if need be, and then demand that we push him back and forth on the kitchen floor whilst we sing along. The look of pure joy on his face makes it totally worth the arm workout.


Drawing with Daddy. In the interests of the environment, drawing on the abandoned instructions from the table at which they are working!


Playdough! Crayons have become popular lately, but Thomas is less sure about playdough. He normally gets us to remove the lids and will then touch it lightly with one finger before rubbing that finger on his face. He clearly thinks it is some sort of face or body cream and we can only surmise that he thinks this because the cream we put on his skin each night comes out of a similar (albeit much larger) tub. He won’t actually play with playdough though, and recoils away from it if handed a lump.


Thomas’s first experience of baking. This actiually went really well. Whilst he had a nap, I measured out all the ingredients for some rock cakes in to a series of separate bowls. Thomas then got to pour things from one bowl to another, and mix to his heart’s content. Mixing is another favourite activity right now. Quite a lot of mixture did fly around the room, but the results were still not only edible, but yummy.


What my husband does when left alone with a box of Duplo for too long!


After finishing his yogurt, Thomas decided to spin the pot around on the end of his spoon. This had the effect of spreading yogurt surprisingly far, but also kept him occupied for a surprisingly long time.


We went to Howlett’s Zoo today. Thomas spent the day running around pretending to be a lion, shouting “Raaaaa”. The real lions were suitably unimpressed, and this is me removing Thomas from taunting them.


We keep finding Thomas’s milk in some surprising places.


Today was a messy play day. We had lots of fun with water, bubbles and food colouring. Lots of mixing, filling and pouring. Messy play up until now had really lacked any sort of focus or creativity, as Thomas simply isn’t able to play that way, so it’s mostly been about exploring textures. Today, we got the tea set out and he spent a lot of time pouring “tea” in to various different containers, as well as mixing everything with a spoon.


Thomas is obsessed by the baby monitor. He loves pressing all the buttons, and holding it to his ear like a phone, but he also likes repositioning it on its base.


The love-hate realtionship with the vacuum cleaner. When left standing innocently in the corner, Thomas is drawn to the Dyson like a moth to a flame. He can’t help but explore it, including pressing the main button. If Ian or I approach and he thinks we are going to start it up, he runs as fast as his little legs will carry him, with a look of panic on his face and a squeal of “oooooooooo”. He really, really, dislikes the vacuum actually being used. Which is ironic, given hw many crumbs he creates.


I’d love to say that Thomas built this, but I’d clearly be lying. This is again a creation by my husband. We have a large collection of wooden train track – some was a gift, some was from my childhood and a bit more was half price in the Early Learning Centre. Thomas really loves it, but it’s also a toy that we get a lot of fun from too!


A rare night out results in a very crappy low light iPhone photo. Was a good night though!


Thomas chasing the deer at Knole Park. There are almost identical photos of me at the same age somewhere. I spent a lot of time here as a child, and given how much Thomas loves running around here, I think that will also  be the case for him.


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