Me and Mine – May

If there were an award for the most technically poor family photograph of the month, this would surely win it hands down. I’ll confess, it was a last minute, bedtime, iPhone selfy. Light conducive to calming down and coaxing Thomas to go to sleep is not conducive to a good photo on a phone camera!

But that is not the point is it? The technical quality of the picture matters less than the fact it exists at all. For all it’s failings, it does capture the three of us exactly as we were at that moment before bedtime, and our ritual pre-sleep family cuddle.



My participation in the Me and Mine project has been sporadic – we’re currently three for five. Not wanting to miss a second month in a row was a huge part of my motivation for taking this picture, so that I would have something to share. Because what I have really learned so far this year is that we are not too bad at getting family shots taken, it’s just that we let other people take them and then do nothing about following up to get a copy of the picture. I know that there are several nice group shots of the three of us from both April and May nestling on other people’s hard drives. So my goal from here on in is not only to get more family photos – staging some of our own if possible – but also to make sure I get people to share their pictures of us with me once they have taken them!

Here’s a bonus picture, taken at a recent wedding, where we are clearly both attempting to get Thomas to look at the camera. It appears than once he did, no photo was actually taken!


dear beautiful

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  1. You are completely right. It’s not about how technical the photo is, how posed it is or how set up it is, the fact it exists is important.
    I love looking at it like that.
    The photos are lovely, and I really like the wedding photo. I think every parent has a photo like that.
    Thank you for joining in xx

    1. Thanks Lauren! I think these are probably the sort of pictures I’ll be able to look back in a few years time and remember a lot about what our lives and personalities were like!

  2. Awww lovely photo – I have a similar one where we have just woken up in the morning and are having sleepy cuddles with both girls in our bed. I daren’t post as obviously we are all in PJ’s and I have not a scrap of make up on and bed hair… but it really captured a moment! Glad to have found your blog. L x

    1. The advantage of a phone camera and low light is that the images are so grainy they hide a multitude of sins, even if I’m not wearing make up! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. This is exactly what the linky is about. Not having the best photos but making sure we have photos of us together. And I actually think the ones that tell a story will be the best when we look back at them in years to come. x

    1. Definitely. I think that about most pictures actually. After all, I have lots of perfectly focused and framed shots of my boy’s face which I will always treasure, but it’s the photos where he’s a blur racing away from me that will make me smile and remember just what a whirlwind he is!

    1. It must get harder when you have more children. If we ever produce another I’m going totry to keep the idea of getting whole family pictures up, but I’m sure it will be a struggle!

  4. “The technical quality of the picture matters less than the fact it exists at all.” – SO true. Also reminds me of that saying, ‘The best camera is the one you have with you at the time’.

    1. Also very true! I’m also currently trying to make the effort to have a camera other than my phone with the majority of the time. But I’m very thankful that phone cameras have come as far as they have – because you simply can’t beat the fact that it will be soften in your hand, bag or pocket! Hope you are doing well with your new little guy!

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