Maybe I’m Just Not That Committed to Sparkle Motion

Almost a month has passed since I published a post here. A month is a very long time for a toddler. There has been a lot of changing and growing, new experiences, and an explosion of new words. We’ve enjoyed the (occasional) sunshine, playing outdoors with sand and water and racing around the park. It’s all the kind of stuff that you are “supposed” to share on Mummy blogs.

But maybe I’m just not that in to Mummy blogging.

Last month, when I last updated this blog, I was in the middle of trying to, I suppose, promote it a bit. I was curious about what it took to become part of the community of Mummy bloggers whose posts I enjoy reading, and who clearly engage with one another beyond their blogs, using all other forms of social media. I’d gone to the lengths of starting a new Twitter account and trying to join in with the conversations there. I was reading lots of new blogs in search of people like me, and leaving comments to give people an idea that I exist too.

Crazy as it sounds, it’s hard work. I felt like it was all I focused on for three days, and I couldn’t help wondering how people find time to do this. It’s not even that I didn’t realise the effort that it takes before, but I thought it might be both enjoyable and worthwhile. I have seen for myself, if only ever from the outside, the value of online communities for finding similar people, who share common ground, and supporting one another whilst sharing both the good times and the tough. I suppose I wish I could achieve that without having to turn myself in to a “brand” and without having to treat updating my blog and other social media sites like a job, and without requiring the same amount if time as my actual job. I know that’s not the case, nor what it feels like, for the majority of “successful” bloggers. But I don’t think I am able to sustain the effort required to get my voice heard in the crowd.

I think maybe I’m just not committed enough.

But that’s OK. Because thinking about anything other than the writing seems to suck the enjoyment out of it for me anyway.

I have absolutely no idea what the point of this post is, really. But I suppose it’s a reminder to myself to go back to writing what I want to write, when I want to write it. And if you happen to be reading it, I hope you enjoy it, but just don’t expect too much from me.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen Donnie Darko lately (or, *gasp* ever) make sure you watch it soon!


2 Replies to “Maybe I’m Just Not That Committed to Sparkle Motion”

  1. It’s true that there is a huge social side to Mummy blogging, with the blog itself only playing a small part. I struggle to keep up with everything sometimes over all the different social networks. But on the other hand I don’t get out much, so I do rely on the community for my social life and I’ve had a lot of support, even if it’s just someone answering my tweet and knowing that they are out there! I really enjoy reading your blog (I’m just catching up after a holiday which is why I’m rather late commenting on this post!) and the main thing about blogging is to blog for yourself, I much prefer reading blogs like yours than those which are written just for the sake of posting something. I’m not sure that this comment really made much sense (I’m rather jet lagged) but I hope so, I’m now following you on Twitter so will look out for you!

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I’m glad you like the blog 🙂 I agree with you about blogs with content churned out for the sake of posting.

      I’m not very good at the whole Twitter thing, so let me know if you have any tips!

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