Spring and Summer Wardrobe Wishlist

One of the unexpected pleasures I’ve found in being the parent to a small boy is dressing him. I’d never thought much about children’s clothes beyond thinking that it was unnecessary to dress children in designer gear or expensive brands. I didn’t realise then that designer didn’t have to mean tacky and ridiculous, but that there are lots of lovely small, independent designers for kids. I didn’t really realise that spending extra money would ensure longevity (I’d assumed it didn’t matter as kids grow out of clothes really fast anyway – which hasn’t proved to be true for us) and that clothes would remain looking good, and even suitable to pass on to a future sibling, should we ever conceive one. I didn’t realise either that I would actively enjoy picking out stuff for my son to wear and filling his wardrobe with riot of colour and fun designs. I still remember the first time that someone complimented me on how well dressed my son was, around the time we started putting him in “proper” clothes (as opposed to sleep suits). Now he is definitely better dressed than his Mum!

One of the many reasons I’m desperate for this horrendous weather to end and Spring to finally arrive is that Thomas is growing out of so many clothes at present. I don’t want to buy more long sleeved T-shirts or heavy jumpers that I can’t guarantee will fit next Autumn, even if I buy big – Thomas has always been small, but suddenly seems to be catching up. That, and I’m hankering after so many lovely items that I’ve found online that are definitely geared towards better weather.

So here are some of my picks. A few of these may already be hanging in the wardrobe (ahem…) but mostly this is a if-money-were-no-object wishlist of Spring and Summer fashions.

I’m definitely a fan of bright colours and funky or retro inspired prints. Like this digger print T-shirt by Maxomorra, found at Juicy Tots


Or this stripy viking shirt by Danefae, found at loveitloveitloveit


Or even this Happy Days shirt by Ej Sikke Lej, found at Nordic Kids1360667654-91622400

Another Swedish brand, Smafolk, specialise in fabulous funky prints, and it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite, but here are some examples that I love



Closer to home, I’m a fan of JoJo Maman Bebe for their hard wearing and well made clothes. I love these T-shirts, and will also be ordering their twill shorts as esides being durable they come in some good colours including a nice red and an unusal leaf green.


And we’re also Boden fans in this house. I love boys in stripy dungarees, so these are on my list


Along with these


And yet more funky T-shirts


For cooler days, I’m eyeing up a couple of very funky zip-up hoodies, like this one by Kitschy Coo at Monkey and Bo300

And this Duns Sweden Navy Planet Jacket, from loveitloveitloveit (as before)planet_thumb__66967.1352473044.1280.1280

And some superhero trousers to go with them, also by Kitschy Coo and found at Juicy Tots


I could easily go on all day, but I’ll finish up with a Toby Tiger raincoat (and matching wellies, if his feet every grow past a size 3!)

Dino Raincoat

There is a lot more, and I haven’t even touched on the cheaper basics from favourites like H&M. I just need to negotiate with Ian how much is a reasonable amount to spend on dressing a 17 month old!


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  1. You’ve found some gorgeous clothes, I love the bright colours! I do find my son much easier to dress than my daughter, at least most things tend to match. I tend to spend more on clothes for my son now that he’s a bit bigger (he’s 4) as I know that he will wear them for longer, some of his lovely baby clothes were hardly worn!

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