Dear Thomas

This month you have been really exerting your new found independence and your feisty personality, little man. You know exactly what you want (usually snacks) and if you don’t get it you’ve been treating us to some shocking temper tantrums. As in, lying on the floor, beating your fists and your feet. Fortunately you’re still easily distracted at this stage, so it doesn’t last long, but I feel like you’re giving us a glimpse of what might be to come! For the last couple of weeks being asked to put your coat on and trying to put you in your pushchair or car seat have been the greatest sources of these tantrums, and I’m sorry to say I’ve had to resort to using my knee to get you in the buggy! You always calm down as soon as the straps are fastened though, and look all innocent as you hadn’t moment before been having a total meltdown!


Despite your growing independence, you’ve also developed a clingy streak. Sometimes when you don’t want to be put down you wrap your legs around my leg and hang on. And we’ve also had a couple of crying spells when I leave you at nursery, which we’ve never had before. Mostly you’re still outgoing, confident and the smiliest child I’ve ever known though, and if I’m honest I like to know that sometimes you just want me.

You’ve become more physically confident in the last few weeks. You’ve begun climbing things and exploring. You had your second proper experience of soft play (a birthday party) and there was no stopping you racing off to explore. You want to walk everywhere, and even hills are no challenge now. We finally got you to stay happily of reins during a trip to Ikea, and you’ve given in to it several times since, which makes our lives much easier. At long last you have also mastered coming down the stairs safely. Not that you have any sense of danger, of course. And your brakes seem a little faulty given the number of times you’ve run headlong in to the edge of the sofa – and you’ve had the bumps and bruises to prove it!


This month has been full of new experiences for you. For the first time you joined in with the birthday tea at a party, sitting on a big chair and eating sandwiches, cake and ice cream. You’ve also started to have your very own children’s meals in restaurants. Your very first meal was sausage, mashed potato and bean, followed by chocolate ice cream and the whole lot disappeared much faster than our meals! You’ve also had your first trips to the farm, and to the zoo, both of which you seemed to love judging by the grins and giggles.



This month has also seen a change in your sleep habits. When we put you down you no longer roll straight over to go to sleep, but are contented to lie in your cot quietly chattering to yourself, and occasionally singing, until you fall asleep. It’s so calm compared to the fraught bedtime rituals of the past. In the morning you’ve started waking a little later and again you are happy to lie in your cot amusing yourself with your own conversation for up to 45 minutes until we get up with you. This is something that mummy and daddy are appreciating very much!

Speaking of speech – well, you never shut up! From the moment you wake there is a near constant stream of chatter and babble coming from you, which is so lovely to hear. There have been lots of new words and even some two word phrases this month, the most notable of which is “Happy Birthday!” and “I want that”. You say “Hiya” and “Bie bie bie” (accompanied by enthusiastic waving) to everyone you meet, including strangers on the street, who almost always reward you with a smile. You also go to the front door several times each day and shout “bie bie bie” loudly! You say “Oooooo” frequently, with a lovely accompanying facial expression of pursed lips and raised eyebrows. Whenever there is a noise such as the timer on the oven, the beeps to signify the washing machine has ended, or the doorbell ringing, you shout “Oooooooo” and run off to investigate. You are even smart enough to know how to silence all the kitchen related beeps! Similarly food is met with “Mmmmmmmmmm”. As you were served your meal in a restaurant you declared “Mmmmmmmmmm” so enthusiastically that the waiter laughed!

“Tea tea tea” is a new one, which you proclaim whenever daddy is making tea, but also when you bring us the box which contains your tea set. You them set about “making” cups of tea and offering them to us shouting “tea tea tea”. And the letter “b” features a lot. You demand your bubbles at bath time by saying “bubububbub” or “bee bee bee”. You say “booo” when we pull clothes over your head. You say “beep beep” frequently, usually when you want us to get out of the way! I think your Daddy taught you this one when trying to shuffle you out of the way to open doors, but it is also possible that you are now associating “beep beep” with doors!


Somehow you’ve learned to say “Ta”, meaning “thank you” when someone gives you something. As we never use “ta” we think you may have learned this at nursery, but it is super cute. You’ve also learned to say “ta-da” but you don’t get the element of surprise, so you just hold something up and say “ta-da”. You think it is the funniest thing when I hide behind a door and leap out saying “ta-da” though.

Animal noises remain popular and the noise of the month has been “oooo oooo oooo” for a monkey. You still love to sing and you manage recognisable renditions of “Twinkle Twinkle”, “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Row Row Row”. If no one is available to row, row, row with you, you’ll just push an inanimate object back and forth instead!


You definitely understand much, much more than you can say. You follow instructions, like “bring me your shoes” and “find your spoon” or “close the door”. You also understand the concept of “more” although you can’t say it. If you bring me your empty milk cup and I ask “do you want some more?” you’ll go to the fridge and wait patiently until I’ve topped it up, which is a far cry from a couple of weeks ago when you would scream if I took your cup away, even if it was empty).

You also do this cute thing now where you tidy up as you go along. You will take my empty cereal bowl from me in the morning and put it on the table. You will make sure you place your cup neatly on a coaster on the table. If given a wipe, you will start wiping the table. If you spill milk on the floor and I ask you to “wipe it up” you will do it, if not very effectively! Your other obsession is turning lights on and off, and you will stand and do it for hours, even if we only ask you to turn the light off once!

I love that you are turning in to such a little character. I’m also loving the stage you are entering where you can get so much enjoyment out of so many things. You love days out, and interact and engage with what we are doing. We had our first messy play afternoon at home, with water, bubbles and food colouring. We cooked together for the first time – making rock cakes. You tipped all the ingredients in to the big bowl and stirred them around, which stirred my heart up more than you will ever know.



Most of all though, I love that you love me, and know how to show it. Last weekend we were all sitting playing on the floor. Without warning, you dropped what you were doing and ran to me with your arms outstretched. You gave me a proper hug and a big, sloppy kiss.

I’m your soppy sentimental mum, so I may have cried.

Just know that I love you always. To the moon and back and then some.

Mummy xxx





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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post and the way you talk to your little boy who by the way he’s really cute! 🙂 The pictures you have taken are really nice and he simply looks gorgeous! I can understand your heart is melting when you talk to him and about him! 😀 Every day is a new discovery and it’s nice to see you enjoy every single moment! All the best for the future! 🙂

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