Project 365 – February’s Final Fourteen

I’m well behind on updating my progress with my 365 Project. I’ll hold my hands up and say time as been something in short supply lately – as evidenced by te overall lack of activity here – and I’m definitely struggling to keep up!


I love this picture. He’s always stuffing his face!


Fast asleep, squashed in the corner of the sofa next to me, sweaty from feeding, and still wearing dinner all over his face! Just about sums Thomas up!


Pure joy! The weather was lovely, so after Sunday Lunch at the pub we went for a walk around the local castle grounds. Thomas had great fun watching the ducks and chasing the pigeons. he ran at them flapping his arms as if he had wings of his own. catching him on camera is tricky because he moves so fast!Feb182013

Brushing Daddy’s teeth. Despite having no teeth (still) Thomas loves “brushing” his…. and ours!


Conquering playground equipment.


This is Ian’s “stop-taking-photographs-of-me-and-do-something-useful” face. I was only taking picture because he was modelling his new apron!


Going for a walk. With conspicuous lack of hand holding or reins! I have realised that we have a lot of pictures of Thomas like this and people may begin to worry that he doesn’t have any hands! It is simply that this coat is MASSIVE. Thomas is not 16 months old, and this is 9-12 month size. I’m thinking it will do next winter as well at this rate. We usually leave the house with the sleeves rolled back, but that doesn’t last long.


Tea party! Thomas loves to stir imaginary cups of tea, before drinking them. He offers about one in five to someone else.


With the Wheely Bug. This was a first birthday present from Granny and Grandad. It hasn’t seen that much play yet, because his feet didn’t reach the floor when he sat on it. This week it’s suddenly had a lot of attention.


Another stuffing-his-face photo. Toast. Another favourite food.


We bought the BabyBjorn Babysitter in a panic at around 9 months of age when he completely outgrew his previous bouncer. At that time the bouncer was still the only place he would nap during the day. This has been one of our best purchases, and he still uses it as a seat now.Feb262013

Crazy hair. It really does need a(nother) cut now.


Spaceman Thomas! Who knows what was going through his head.


First day of the vomit-fest. He looks so sad and unwell in this picture.



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