Me and Mine – March


I was late to the Me and Mine party in January. And in February I failed to take and share a family portrait at all. But this month, we have progress: I have the pictures, and I’m on time!

As always, however, things did not go entirely to plan. I actually had a completely different set of shots in mind to share, but once again (this also happened in January) the memory card on which they are residing is not in my possession. And as is often the case with our family group shots, we have many of the same scene each one containing one or two good elements. But getting everyone looking at the camera with an appropriate facial expression in the one frame? It appears to be nigh on impossible for me and mine!

Here are some alternatives, all taken by my father-in-law:




(Ian is probably going to kill me for sharing this last one, if not some of the others!)

Despite my issues with actually getting family photos (or perhaps because of those issues) I’m still really liking the idea of participating in this project, and I’m loving the photos others are. I’m  determined that I will get better at capturing all of us together!


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  1. Ahhh, welcome!!! It’s such a lovely project, we now really look forward to getting our photo each month.
    It’s definitely a challenge getting a good one of everyone, it seems like somebody always spoils it somehow. I’ve just accepted that now, with a reluctant hubby, an active toddler and a baby who doesn’t get it I don’t stand a chance really.

    1. Thank you! I suppose these difficulties are what makes these photos such lovely keepsakes though – they show personalities exactly as they were at the time the pictures were taken!

    1. Thank you. I struggled to work out which was my favourite as I like them all in their own way – even the bottom one. I love Thomas’s pointy finger as that is so “him”, but sadly caught my husband in mid-blink!

  2. Welcome to the Project! I’m loving it so far, and it’s helping us find all these new blogs! It is so hard to get a pic ready on time.. here’s to April! B x

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