Project 365 – February’s First Fourteen

I’m way overdue for this update, but at least I’m still taking pictures!


Special Kiss! When he is in a particularly loving mood, Thomas doles out kisses very readily. The only problem is that in Thomas’s world, kisses are delivered to the nose, accompanied by nomming actions. We call them “special kisses”.


Thomas helped himself to the fork I was using to cut up his pasta, and then proceeded to eat the whole meal with it!


Running around in B&Q. Thomas selected a lampshade that was in rather dubious taste, and tried to make off with someone else’s trolley. Going to DIY stores used to be boring!


Little Picasso – artwork from nursery


More artwork! This time a card for Great Grandpa.


Bum defence. I’ve already written about this lot, here.


Swings! The giggles whilst he’s swinging are infectious. We had to brave the semi-flooded park to get to the semi-flooded playground. Lots of mud underfoot, but the biggest advantage was that despite blue skies, it was almost deserted. Which meant we go to swing for ages!


Bedtime stories from Daddy, with Mr Cow the comforter.


Hospital visiting. the expression on Thomas’s face is priceless. I have no idea what he was annoyed about, but he’d been having a fun afternoon of opening (and emptying) cupboards and drawers that he shouldn’t have been it, and driving his cars across the floor, complete with nee-naw sound effects.


If Thomas could speak, he’d definitely have been saying “Noooooooooooo Mum…. geroff me! What if my friends can see?!”


Ian and I took a trip up to KCH for my “report card”. All was well.


Thomas was supposed to be going in the bath, hence the lack of trousers. Daddy does the majority of baths though. He usually gets through the door just in time for bath time, so it’s Daddy-Thomas boding time. Ian was late tonight though. And Thomas was definitely searching for him!


The beloved broom. And the washing machine’s not bad either!


Valentine’s cards from my boys!


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