Dear Thomas

You’re one and one quarter! It feels like you just had your first birthday, and I’ve no idea where the last three months went. It’s been a busy month again for you though, as you grow and change every day.

You’re walking more and more, and even beginning to run now. You run towards with your arms out stretched for a hug, big grin on your face. Or sometimes just with your arms above your head, like E.T, which makes me giggle. You’ve started walking outside now too, although you’re a little unsure. You’re fiercely independent though. You want to go where you want to go, and won’t hold our hands. On a trip to Bluewater you made everyone, even strangers, smile as you ran around in circles. You took yourself in to random shops, including a hairdresser – perhaps you were telling us that you wanted to get your mad curls cut. When we put your little dinosaur backpack with the reins on, you stand still and shout until we take it off or pick you up.

At the Park


You’ve got the hang of climbing off the sofa now, but your legs are still a bit short to climb back on. It doesn’t stop you trying though, especially if you are in pursuit of the cordless phone, which is your new favourite non-toy. You shout and try to grab it whenever we make a phone call, and if you are allowed to get hold of it, you will press random button until you dial a number. You even managed to call your Grandma and Grandpa as the number is saved in the memory. If we put the phone high up on a bookshelf out of your reach, you press the paging button on the base unit to identify where it is, and then look longingly up at it.

We can’t leave you alone for a minute at the moment, as you’re so in to everything. If you had the chance, you’d be sending random emails from my iPad, deleting programs recorded from the TV, smashing our crockery and emptying every shelf, cupboard and drawer that you can reach.

You feed yourself almost all of the time now too. You very much want to do it yourself, and push us away. Sometimes you want help though, so that you can shovel it in faster, as your appetite has been absolutely huge lately. When you’ve had enough you clearly indicate it to us. As well as saying “nah”, you now shake your head whenever you don’t want something – such as being restrained from running away or having your nappy changed.

Ravioli with a fork

Messy face

Sometimes these days I get the impression that you prefer nursery to being at home. As soon as we arrive, you run to the door and knock to be let in. You run off with barely a backward glance for your Mummy. I love to see you so independent, but it makes me realise how much you’re growing up. Perhaps you’ve been preferring nursery because they have a broom there, which you still carry around all day and are apparently very possessive off. If they get out the big broom to sweep up after food, you follow them round, sweeping as you go. We finally had to relent last week and buy you your very own broom after you had a tug-of-war fight with your cousin Saskia over her broom. Now sweeping the kitchen floor will be your job!


Your other favourite toy this month has been your Happyland train, which you happily set driving all over the living room with a variety of different drivers including aliens and animals. You also love your singing nursery rhyme book and your singing dog which your Great-Grandpa bought you fir your first Christmas. You dance along to the songs and hug it, sometimes even when it says “hug me” – but more by coincidence than design I think. You’re learning to build towers and are really good with your shape sorters now. You love Mummy’s old post box shape sorter which you carry to us and demand to have opened to get the shapes out so you can put them back in. You mostly do the circles and the letters, but it’s amazing how you select those ones from all the others and know exactly where they go. Sometimes you seem to have the attention span of a gnat, but, but at other times you’ll do things like the shape sorter over and over again until Mummy and Daddy are practically crying with boredom. But we still play, because you are having fun!

Post Box

You spread your toys far and wide throughout the downstairs of the house, and we’ve become adept at trying to avoid them, and avoiding swear words when we accidentally step or sit down on a rogue Happyland alien or piece of Duplo. There is also a high risk of leaving with a piece of toast stuck to your behind if you visit our house!

We have to watch we say around you, as your language and understanding are definitely developing. You understand “no” but choose to ignore it. You also understand open and close, and nappy change time – when you run squealing away from us! You say “up” and point up all the time and still sing the “up above” line of Twinkle Twinkle. The animal sound of the month is “baaaaa” and that has definitely overtaken “moooooo” in popularity.

Throwing is a new skill this month, as is the start of pretend play. You will pour out cups of tea and drink them, occasionally giving one to other people. Whenever you do something that you are proud of, you grin, giggle and clap your hands enthusiastically. Sometimes you run a victory lap of the living room, clapping as you go! You’re turning in to little Picasso too, as you’ve got the hang of scribbling with a crayon, as well as just making random dots and lines.

Painted Plate

You’ve taken to carrying books around to give us to read, and taking them from one of us to give to the other to read all over again. You can be over enthusiastic at times though, and the flaps of several lift-the-flap books have succumbed to your destructive little fingers. One barn door in Oh Dear! Is hanging on by one hinge and the other has been clean ripped off.

We had some snow this month, for only the second time in your life, and this was the first time you were really aware of it. You weren’t too keen though, although we did get a smile out of you when Mummy hit Daddy with a snowball. You also didn’t really like sleep all that much again this month, with you deciding that you didn’t need any naps on certain days and refusing to fall asleep on your own at night. When we left you with your Grandad while we went out, you stayed up playing and wouldn’t go to bed until you finally fell asleep in his arms.


Despite your outgoing, boisterous nature, including your ongoing tendency to smile at anyone and everyone, you can be quiet and contemplative at times. I sometimes catch you staring off in to space, as if trying to figure out some complex puzzle. I wonder what is going on in that little head of yours as you make sense of this crazy world?

As always, my love for you just grows and grows,

Love Mummy xxx

Kiss face


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