Project 365 – Trying To Keep Up

I’m absolutely determined this time around to keep going with my attempt at a 365 Project. At the very least I wanted to make it to more than midway through the first month of the year! Fortunately I’ve managed that mini-milestone. Here we are, almost at the end of the month, and here are my next batch of pictures. I can’t promise I won’t get behind on editing and updating them here, but I will keep taking them for as long as I can!


This my view on the homeward bound nursery commute at present


My mum and I went to Starbucks this afternoon, after an abortive attempt to get Thomas to join in with his swimming class. The cheeky monkey kept looking at my carrot cake imploringly. Eventually he just grabbed a spoon and helped himself!


Uncharacteristically, Thomas decided that he wanted a morning nap this morning. Typical, when we were supposed to be meeting friends for an early lunch. In the end I had to wake him up. He didn’t stir at all when I put the light on, which is also unusual, so I got to take this sleepy shot!


This evening Thomas refused to go to sleep. Our evening was punctuated by bouts of crying, as demonstrated by all the red lights flashing on the monitor. As the timer at the top shows, this was 37 minutes in to trying to convince him to sleep. (And no, it wasn’t actually 24 degrees in his bedroom. the thermometer is a bit flaky, and also stands right under the amp we use whilst setting him dressed and reading bedtime stories.)


Sleepy head. We’d just arrived home. He looks so uncomfortable, yet he was snoring away. Beats me how he can sleep like this, but not in his nice comfy cot!


Me, looking pensive. I don’t think I knew this photo was being taken.


It has only snowed properly one other time since Thomas was born, but he was much to young to care or remember. This was the first time we had really taken him out in it. Obviously the hat did not stay on, even though it was still snowing! He wasn’t too keen, but did find it hilarious when I was holding him and threw a snowball at Daddy! Notice too the conspicuous lack of wellies. Thomas has size 2.5 feet. The smallest wellies most shops do are a 4 or 5. Even the one apir of size 3s I managed to find slid straight off his feet as soon as he tried to walk. Hopefully his feet will grow soon!


Much preferred the view of the snowy landscape from the window. The condensation you can see just in front of his face is from where he licked the window just a few moments prior to taking this shot!


My birthday. Snuggled up with Ian in front of the fire. or more on this day, see here.


Mountain climbing. This is what happens when you forget to bolus for your carb-heavy lunch, and then get tied up with a patient immediately afterwards, which means you can’t immediately rectify the mistake! (And yes, I know there are a few too many lows in there too!)


Thomas very deliberately dumped this lot on his high chair try. A moment later he started smearing it all over the place with his hands. Table manners need work! But look at that face!


Playing with shoes again. We were about to put him the pushchair to go to nursery when I caught him sitting on his foot like this. It’s a new pose.


Playing under the cushions with Daddy.


Fast asleep in his ERF car seat. Anyone who thinks kids in ERF seats “can’t see out” shold take a look at this picture and see just how much he can see out… far more than many forward facing children, who are positioned lower down!


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