Project 365 – A Photo For Every Day Of The Year

Just before Thomas’s first birthday, I decided to attempt a photo-a-day project, starting on his birthday with the aim of recording his entire second year. But then life got in the way – I did a couple of extra days of locum work and attended an all day conference and before I knew it, a week had passed since his birthday and I hadn’t picked up my camera once. The idea remained however, and spurred on by seeing a few completed projects from last year on blogs that I enjoy, I decided instead to start on January the first.

I’m not new to the 365 Project. I’ve attempted to complete one twice before. Both times, however, I’ve stopped after less than 10 days. Looking back, I can see several things that I did wrong. Too narrow a focus, too rigid “rules” (self-imposed, of course) and unwarranted perfectionism. The latter one especially. I need to focus on the overall project being more important than any one individual image. Much as NaNoWriMo aims to suppress your inner writing editor (not one I struggle with) I see Project 365 as a way to suppress my high photographic dissatisfaction rate. The content of the images – and the memories they represent – is more important than the technical aspects of composition and exposure.

There, I’ve said it. The quality of the pictures isn’t the most important thing. Completing the project – using my camera every single day – is.

And here we are – 13 days in – and I’m still going. I’m ready to commit to carrying on by sharing my images here and making my Project 365 attempt “official”.

There will be no “rules” this time. The subject matter will simply be our lives. Not necessarily just Thomas. If I slip up and miss a day or two, I’m not going to stress. I’m not even going to stress about a little date altering if that is what suits us! I’m aiming to share all of the images here as we go along, but I certainly won’t be updating daily, or even necessarily weekly. We’ll just see how it goes!


We went for a family New Year’s Day Walk as it was lovely and sunny. For once, Thomas kept his hat on… albeit grudgingly, as this picture shows!


Ian was back at work for the first time in 10 days, and it was a bit of shock to both Thomas and I to be without him! This pose is typical Thomas – considering how best to conquer the world with a breadstick!


Some days Thomas would rather play with his food than eat it – pushing it around the bowl and tipping it on the floor.Today was a hungry day. Thomas polished off every morsel that I offered him, and then asked for more!


My first day back at work this year, and Ribolleti – an Italian dish that is half way between a soup and a stew – was just what we needed for dinner.


Bathtime! Ian is usually in charge of bathtime, and the two of them love it.

Not too shabby. Could do with a little bit less up-and-down and a little bit more flat-and-level. And we won’t mention the two hour low blood sugar which has now been addressed with a basal reduction!

This is a technically terrible photograph, but true to my word I’ve included it anyway. Thomas can be devilishly difficult to photograph sometimes, especially in low light, since he never stops moving. Lately I’ve taken to shooting in program mode, as I prefer to use the two seconds I have try to compose the image without worrying about exposure. When Thomas climbed under the high chair today, I grabbed my camera and shot…. a manual exposure. The gross under exposure has obviously been compensated for in post, hence the terrible grain. But I love the image – the expression his face – and the fact that it reminds both of what he was doing, and also just how hard he is to photograph these days.

I have already blogged about this image. I picked up a copy of the magazine today having been informed this was in there by a work colleague who’d seen it by chance as she is currently planning her own wedding.


Today was a “Daddy working from home day”. Every other Wednesday, when I go in to work, Ian “works from home” and looks after Thomas in the morning. What this means in practice is that the top floor of our house is strewn with toys, which they play with whilst Ian simultaneously keeps an eye of his computers set up on the desk out of shot. When I crept in to the room at lunch time today to snap this image, it was actually surprisingly ordered!


The theme of this afternoon was “napping”. I took Thomas to his first Tumble Tots session this morning, but he completely refused to nap before we went, when it finished or when we got home. A two hour battle culminated in a 30 minute nap which I had to cut short as it was by then getting too close to bedtime. This is how he looked when I went in to get him. Like he’d fallen in to sleep out of the sky!


I have a feeling that we may be approaching weaning from the breast, which stirs up all kinds of mixed emotions. Thomas was being unusually calm and contented whilst feeding, so I took the opportunity to take this picture with my iPhone held up above our heads.


Another technically rubbish (under exposed) shot! Thomas is obsessed by shoes at the moment, and will run off with ours at any opportunity.


We’re fortunate to live within walking distance of a fairly decent soft play centre. I took Thomas a few times before he was one since it was free. We’ve been waiting to go again to make sure the cost will be worthwhile now that he has to pay. He had an absolute blast! None of these images are great on their own as they were all taken with my phone, but they work well together.


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