Dear Thomas

Fourteen months old! I’ve been writing you a letter each month now since you were born and it’s amazing to look back and see how you’ve changed. It feels like you’ve always been part of our lives, but at the same time like the past fourteen months have gone so fast! You’ve now lived through your first full calendar year, from beginning to end, and we’re on to another!

And you really are growing up, no longer a baby, but a bona fide toddler. You’re walking confidently and spend your days charging up and down and around in circles. You can even kick a ball – although that may be more by accident than design! We had to buy you your second pair of shoes (although your feet haven’t actually grown) and backpack reins to keep you safe while we’re out and about. When I drop you off at nursery now, I take your coat off and you toddle off on your own before I can get my own shoes off. You bang on the door to be let in and then charge across the room without a backward glance. I love that you’re so confident, but I feel sad that you don’t always seem to need me.

What you are charging across the room for at nursery, of course, is your toy broom. You have an absolute obsession to the point that the nursery staff have nicknamed you Mr. Sweep. Apparently you carry the broom around all day, getting very protective if anyone tries to take it from you, and periodically stopping to sweep bits of dirt up. I have no idea where you learned this domestication from!!


You’ve suddenly become much more independent and more creative in your play. You fly your toy space ship around, accompanied by enthusiastic “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee” sounds, and push cars and trains around too. You’re starting to stack things on top of one another and you’re becoming a pro with all your shape sorters. Emptying remains your favourite game, however, with the contents of the DVD shelves (especially Shrek) and the changing bag, and tissues from a box, high on your list of “emptying” targets. You’re also an expert at opening and closing doors and drawers – often emptying as you go! Your favourite toys are still all the objects that aren’t really toys – especially the cordless phone, our mobile phones and remote controls. Anything which looks even remotely like a phone is now lifted straight to your shoulder. It’s invariably facing the wrong way, but you shout “eh-oh” in to it and then wander around keeping up an endless stream of babble. I’m quite disturbed about your intuitive knowledge of what to do with a phone, but even more so by the fact that you will point a remote control at the television and expect something to happen!

You still seem to love books too, and this month they have been starting to fuel your speech. In addition to turning the pages and lifting the flaps in books, you now also point to the pictures and make appropriate sounds. The first was “Moo” for a cow, followed by “neigh” and “baa” Cars are now “Nee nars” and trains are “toot toot”. You’ve always been so vocal and chatty, it’s lovely to hear your speech gaining some real shape. You also want to sing, and have long had a brilliant ability to repeat tunes back to us. Now you sing “up above” along to “Twinkle winkle Little Star” and point up to the ceiling as you do so.

With so much learning and developing, things can obviously be frustrating at times. You have a new habit to deal with your frustration that frustrates your mummy in turn: you like to bang your head against things – the side of the sofa, the back of the highchair and the floor, to name a few. When you do it, part of me wants to giggle, because you do look funny, but the bigger part wants to stop you hurting yourself and I just feel sad that I can’t immediately ease the confusion of the world for you.

You’ve also had a bit of a regression with your sleep, especially with all the excitement of Christmas. On Christmas Day, it took us nearly four hours to get you to go to sleep, which has been completely unheard of lately. You’ve gone back to rejecting naps too, in particular for Mummy. You seem to want you Daddy to put you down instead, and he clearly has the knack. In fact, Daddy has been very much flavour of the month, and I frequently catch you together looking as if you hatching an evil plan!


Stealing Daddy's Breakfast

Eating has seen some big changes this month too. You still have no teeth, but that doesn’t stop you munching through anything and everything. But you’ve finally started feeding yourself properly – whole meals – with a spoon. You can even manage peas! You’re so fiercely independent that if we try to help you you will often bat our hands away as if to say “I want to do it myself!” You sat at the head of the table and ate your whole Christmas dinner all by yourself, followed by Christmas pudding too! You seem to have been absolutely starving of late as well, polishing off everything we give you and frequently coming back for seconds. Not forgetting, of course, the fact that you also help yourself to our food. Nothing is safe around you and most of Daddy’s breakfast ends up in your tummy each morning!

We haven’t been out and about so much this month, with Christmas and so much rainy weather, but you do go a bit stir crazy cooped up in the house and still love to be out in the pushchair, looking around. Daddy finally made me turn the pushchair around to face forwards this month. I miss being able to have a face to face conversation with you, but you seem happy to be able to see so much and kick your legs in excitement as you are pushed around. You’re a bit unsure of walking anywhere outside or unfamiliar, though. Oh, and with the cold weather we have a continuous battle of the hat. Mummy puts the hat on…. And Thomas takes it off again!


Yet again, you’re on the cusp of so much change. You went to your first Tumble Tots session today and I have no doubt that it won’t be long before you’re climbing and running all over. Your speech is coming on each day, and I know that you understand more and more of what we say to you. Some days I miss my little baby boy, but I love my bigger toddler boy… more than words can say.

All my love, always



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