The day after I wrote my last breastfeeding post, Thomas and I had our six week post-natal check. Everything was fine. My wound has healed really well, and I’m about average on the new parent stress scale. Thomas is gaining weight fine and passed all his checks with flying colours. Our GP even commented on how strong he is, and as if to confirm it, Thomas lifted his head and turned to look!

What did come out of the appointment though was a diagnosis of breast thrush. My GP seemed pretty certain that this was the culprit for the escalating post feeding breast pain I was struggling with. Since Christmas was approaching me, he wanted to give us both a prescription, even if I then decided I wanted to hold off treatment, at least we would have the option. Having researched it as thoroughly as time allows, there are no real adverse risks associated with the treatment, so we opted to give it a go. I needed to wait until the following day for enough fluconazole to come in to stock at our local pharmacy, but I’ve now completed a week’s worth of treatment. In addition to thrice daily fluconazole, I’ve been applying Daktarin cream to my nipples, and Daktarin oral gel in Thomas’s mouth.

They say the proof is in the pudding. I’m now convinced that thrush was the issue, because without changing anything else our breast feeding relationship has suddenly transformed. No more pain during, or especially after, feeding I no longer feel the need to sit around naked as often as possible, or squeeze my breasts to the point of deformity to ease the discomfort.

And it’s magic.

Finally, finally, I feel like we’ve got this whole feeding thing down. Finally, I’m starting to actually enjoy it.


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