Itti Bitti Leaks

So our adventures in cloth nappies continue. Just about. Because sometimes it is hard not to get disheartened.

To begin with I loved Itti Bittis. To be honest, I was always biased towards them. Partly because my sister-in-law used them but also partly (probably a bigger part if I’m truthful) because they’re so soft and fluffy. They feel and look lovely in their rainbow colours and array of limited edition prints. And as a bonus, the Itti Bitti D’Lish in small size fitted beautifully and worked really well. As in, they contained the wee and poo and they wash and dry well.

But lately, we’re getting leaks. I know that cloth nappies can sometimes need to be changed more frequently than their disposable counterparts, but even so I’m often finding that I’m feeling a little damp patch on Thomas’s tummy less than 2 hours after we’ve changed him. (And yes, we’re making sure he’s pointing downwards before we fasten the nappies, and that they’re not over compressed or with the inserts sticking out.) The poo, fortunately remains contained. But the wetness is a problem. Aside from creating an even bigger mountain of washing with so many full outfit changes, it’s hardly fair on Thomas to keep getting wet.

I’m not sure where it’s suddenly gone wrong. Other than the fact that Thomas has grown, so maybe that has compromised the fit, although it’s not obvious, or maybe he is weeing more. Maybe I’m partly to blame for not always checking and changing as often as I should. That in itself is because I still don’t really have enough nappies. With the frequency of changes and the amount our boy can wee and poo, we can easily go through more than 10 nappies a day (not including overnight, where we’re sticking with disposables for now). Allowing enough time for drying, that means I need to do a nappy wash most days to keep on top of things. If I haven’t had time, I’m probably subconsciously trying to eke out my supply of nappies by resisting changing… until they leak. Some days I give in and use disposables for all or most of the day, but I feel a nagging sense of regret every time I do this, hearing the voices of all the people who told me I’d never stick at cloth nappies echoing in my head.

And for similar reasons, I’m trying to hide the fact that I’m having this problem with leaks, especially from my husband. Ian isn’t keen on the Itti Bitti’s, as he’s noticed a few leaks too, and finds them complicated to snap together. I don’t want to admit to him that I don’t think they’re working either. I find myself not allowing Ian to do nappy changes when Thomas has an Itti on, just in case it’s leaked and reinforces his slight tendency to just go with disposables.

I think it may be time to move away from the Ittis, at least for some of the time. I need more nappies anyway. And I’ve realised that appearance doesn’t matter. Especially when you have a little boy who will almost always be dressed in some form of all-in-one sleepsuit, trousers or dungarees, thus covering the pretty nappy.

I love the Tots Bots Teeny fit that I bought to try, but I know he won’t fit in to Teeny Fits for too much longer. I’ve tried a regular Tots Bots Easy Fit which I borrowed from a friend, and it seemed ok, but I had some nagging doubts about the fit with it snapped to its smallest setting. I tried out my Bum Genius V4 for the first time today, as last time I tried to put it on it was way too big, even on its tiniest setting. But now it fits, and I definitely liked it. He’s got a Pop In on now. It’s a bit like a cross between a the Ittis and the Bum Genius. Fits more like a Bum Genius, but with inserts that snap in rather than being a pocket.

I bought lots of different nappies to try initially because I knew that not all nappies would necessarily work, but I always assumed that a clear favourite would emerge and I’d end up buying a complete set of that type. I never understood really why people had so many different types of nappy rather than just sticking with one, but now I think it may be the way forward. We’ll keep experimenting, because I’m determined to make this work.


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