First Christmas

It’s hard to say whether Thomas enjoyed his first Christmas. He was six and a half weeks old. He has no concept of Christmas, or presents, and breastmilk is the only food or drink that he wants or needs. He won’t remember this Christmas, or be any the wiser when it comes around again next year. But we enjoyed his first Christmas. Our first family Christmas, where family means something a bit more.

Thomas wore his little elf outfit

He was spoiled with lots of lovely gifts including new clothes, books, toys to grow in to and a very special teddy bear. Mummy and Daddy had to do most of the unwrapping, but we didn’t leave him out.

We were spoiled with smiles of wonderment at the Christmas lights, chatter and laughter

But it’s a good job that we bought a turkey to roast. He doesn’t have that much meat on him yet, and he wasn’t a great fit for the roasting tim

Maybe next year….


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