2011: The Year of Baby Making

There is no way of putting it that isn’t an enormous cliche. 2011 genuinely has been quite a year. If you’d told me this time a year ago that I’d be sitting here now with my newborn son – that I’d be a mother – I’d have hoped with all my heart that you were right, but wouldn’t have dared to believe you.

This has been a year consumed with the process of becoming parents. From receiving an HbA1c result of 5.9 in the first few days of the year that signalled the best possible start for a child we were yet to conceive, through the process actually trying to conceive that child – and then succeeding. As the year progressed my belly grew with the life inside it, as I juggled the fears and anxieties shared by many new parents-to-be, as well as those unique to a mother with diabetes thrown in to the mix. And then, seven weeks ago Thomas burst on to the scene, changing everything in an instant.

There is nothing I can write that doesn’t sound cheesy. It is cheesy. But waiting for midnight to roll around with my husband and baby, at home, on the sofa with just a single glass of bubbly (owing to the fact that I’m breast feeding) beats hands down any New Year’s Eve night out. Now I’m doing this, I think it is what I was made for.

Next year will be full of more exciting firsts as we watch Thomas grow and develop, and we grown and develop as parents, and as a family. I can’t wait.

Happy New Year!


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