This Is It

I’ve spent today in full force nesting mode, which has even involved cleaning out underneath the bed and behind the sofas, getting down on my hands and knees to scrub the floors. The house is as spotless as it’s ever been. The Moses basket it made up, the pram assembled, and all the little clothes are neatly folded away in the nursery. The base for the car seat has even been installed in the back seat of our car.

But still no baby, and no sign of a baby coming imminently on their own. Not so much as a sniff of a Braxton Hicks contraction throughout all my dusting and polishing, or a longish walk around town, where we ate toasted sandwiches for lunch.

So a couple of hours ago, when we arrived home, I rang the antenatal ward at the hospital to confirm they have a bed for me for induction tonight.

They do.

In a few minutes I’m going to get in to a lovely deep bath for a long relaxing soak. I’ll add some clary sage bath oil, but I’m past believing anything I can do will help to start my labour before a medical induction. I need to add a few last minute bits to my hospital bags, and remember to pick up my maternity notes from the dining table. Then we’ll be off.

For better or worse, I’m being induced tonight. When I next come back to our house, I should also be bringing our baby.

Our baby.

This is it. It’s on.


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