The Final Countdown


Tomorrow, we go to hospital to start the induction process. I know that it’s the right thing to do  and there are no points to be scored or medals to be awarded for waiting. I can’t eliminate every risk and the phrase “quitting whilst I’m ahead” seems fitting. I’m not expecting things to move particularly quickly, but one way or another my pregnancy will almost certainly be over by the end of the week.

Today, we took a dry run to the antenatal ward. The Maternity Day Assessment Unit  isn’t open at weekends, so my daily CTG monitoring was scheduled to take place on the ward itself. It was odd, driving to the hospital, to think of doing this again tomorrow with my bags in the car and knowing that I won’t be coming home again with my bump. The ward seemed ridiculously quiet and, in contrast to my experiences on MDAU, we were taken straight around to a room, plonked on a bed and hooked up to the monitor.

Fortunately all seems to be well, so we headed home again where my nesting kicked in full force. We’ve spent the afternoon cleaning the house and also making our family tradition Christmas Cake. Odd, once again, to think of eating it at Christmas when the baby will be around six weeks old. It was a good way to pass the afternoon though, and kept me from dwelling on what is to come.

Our final evening at home as a childless couple will be spent on the sofa watching a DVD (I’m forcing Ian to watch Dirty Dancing for the first time – he doesn’t have the heart to argue!) and eating a lovely dinner. We thought better of attempting to watch fireworks. There are probably going to be quite enough of those in our lives in the coming days!

So we’re really in to the final countdown. We’re almost ready to launch!


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