Official Little Person

Today, Thomas became official as we registered his birth.

We dressed him up for the occasion – the first time he has worn anything other than a sleepsuit. He didn’t seem totally happy about it!

It was short stroll across the park to the registration offices at the local castle. The registrar was lovely and the process quick and simple. He did put me in to a spin though by mentioning what a baby boom there had been this year, with one month being his busiest ever as a registrar and he didn’t “know what was going to happen about schools”. Silly me to start worrying about schools before he’s even two weeks old! Thomas was as good as gold, and slept throughout without stirring at all. He continued to sleep whilst we enjoyed a celebratory lunch, although he did join us for a little cuddle at the table.

Before heading home, we decided to pop to Sainsbury’s to pick up a few bits that we needed. Unfortunately Thomas decided that he’d had enough by this point and proceeded to scream his way around the shop. Nothing that we did would settle him and I was quite surprised at the number of little old ladies who were still cooing over his tiny cuteness, despite the massive screams issuing forth from his lungs.

I’m not sure that the novelty or pride at being told how gorgeous my son is by a complete stranger will ever wear off though.


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