Adventures in Cloth

We put the boy in his very first cloth nappy today, at four days old, having chosen to stick with disposables for convenience whilst we were still in hospital.

It sounds ridiculous, but I was really excited to finally get to try my cute fluffy nappies on my boy’s cute little bum. I chose a super snuggly Itti Bitti, with a lovely soft red minky outer for his very first fluffy bum. So much softer and so much cuter than the disposables we used in hospital! All went well until we came to change the nappy. As Ian lifted his little baby legs clear and folded the nappy closed underneath him, he chose that moment to fire a mega-poo all over that lovely soft minky nappy!

Once cleaned up, we decided to try a Mothercare Smart Nappy, which we received a free starter kit of after signing up during Real Nappy Week whilst I was pregnant. The nappy went on absolutely fine, but lasted only two minutes until it was tested to the max with another poo-plosion! (But I was impressed – no leaks!) Whilst changing that nappy for a clean one though, the little pickle chose to wee everywhere and I failed miserably in anticipating it, giving him the opportunity to soak not only the outer of the new nappy, but his sleepsuit too!

Honestly, the boy didn’t poo for over 48 hours on days two and three, but it seems the moment that we got him home, he wants to let it all out! And I swear he saves it up for when he is already being changed and especially when there is a nice cloth nappy about. Anyone would thing that he wasn’t impressed! Well, it’s either that or he is a fussy boy and finds the cloth nappies so much nicer to poo in than the paper disposables!


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