“You Have No Idea What’s About to Hit You…”

I’m so tired of hearing these words.

If I express even the tiniest bit of excitement about becoming a mum, there will often be someone looking scornfully down their nose and telling me how I have no idea how hard I’m going to find it. Or how much my life is going to change. If I express a worry or concern about something, you can bet there will be someone there trivialising my concern and trumping it with the thing that *they* think I *should* be worrying about. And if I’m not worrying about it, then, in their minds, I really do have no idea.

It’s really getting on my nerves.

People are probably right. We don’t have a clue about what is going to happen to our lives. But honestly, none of these people have a clue what will happen to *our* lives either, because they don’t know intimately what *our* lives are like right now. And anyway, no one knows what impact a child will have on their life, even if they’ve had one before, because every child is different. And parents react differently to the same thing at different stages in their life. Every parenting journey is unique. That much I do know.

I’m just beginning to object to the derision with which my excitement is met as if it really hasn’t occurred to me that this might be just the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted in my life. (Then again, maybe it won’t. Time will tell.) And the fact that I really do have no idea what it’s going to be like doesn’t mean I can’t be excited, or look forward to this new stage in our lives. In many ways, it’s the unknown that makes it so exciting. I don’t understand the continual perpetuation of the idea that parenthood is something to be tremendously feared. No matter how hard I find it, I do know too that there will be plenty of joy in there. If there were no joy to be found in parenting, the human race would be long gone. I only have to look at parents with their children to know that it must be worthwhile.

I’m hanging on to that, and looking forward to seeing what each day brings. I don’t know what’s about to hit me, but I’ll soon find out.


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