Prosciutto Crudo

Right now I gagging for some Prosciutto Crudo. It’s something that I used to eat by the bucket load before becoming pregnant, but now it’s off limits unless it’s cooked, due to the risk of Listeria. A few cooked slices on a pizza is nothing like the same.

It’s pretty much the only thing on the list of “forbidden foods” that I really care about. Well besides the glass of wine I’d love to have with my Prosciutto Crudo! I don’t eat raw cheese (I know I’m weird, but it has to be cooked) especially not soft or blue ones, and I despise pâté of all forms. I’ve made a decision about runny and raw eggs that I’ll eat them as long as they’re lion marked. I can skip gelato and other soft ice cream as I’d only really miss that if I was in Italy. I can make do with hard frozen shop bought ice cream for one summer. Coffee I’ve gone right off, but I know I could do decaff if I wanted to.

But Prosciutto and a glass of wine? First thing I’m eating (and drinking – between feeds of course) after Flangelina is born.


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