Preparation For Parenthood

I can’t sleep. Again.

When I expressed to a friend earlier in the week that I’ve reached the stage where I can’t wait for the baby to be born, they told me to “be patient and enjoy sleep whilst I can”. I scoffed involuntarily.

“Sleep?’ I said “What’s that then? I can’t remember the last time I had a proper one!”

Between the heartburn, the struggling to get comfortable whilst worrying about what position I’m in,  needing a crane to shift myself should I choose to alter that position, and needing to trek to the bathroom at least once an hour to have a little dribble of a pee, sleeping is not something that I’m doing much of.

I’m trying to regard it as Mother Nature’s way of preparing me for what’s in store. After all, you can’t store up sleep, so there would be little to be gained by getting lots of it right now. Far better that I practice going without so it won’t come as quite such a shock.

And it seems that Mother Nature is not leaving Ian out of the prep either. According to him when I do sleep I snore loudly enough to wake the dead. And when I’m not sleeping allegedly I’m fidgeting and sighing. It’s all just to make sure that he is getting prepared too!


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