Photographs and A Pizza Hut

I’ve mentioned a couple of times about wanting to feel like a “normal” pregnant woman and mother-to-be, rather than a lab-rat-impersonating, diabetic medical machine. And what better way to do that than taking advantage of being pregnant to eat crappy food just because you really, really want to? Seems a bit daft really, when the cause of all the medical stress is attempting to keep your blood sugars as stable as possible, eating crap is hardly likely to help. But the crap in question was a Pizza Hut pizza, and it’s something that I haven’t been able to get out of my mind for the last two weeks.

Fortunately it’s a craving I’ve found easy to suppress, because we don’t have a Pizza Hut anywhere near us to either visit or get delivered. But this evening we went up to London to preview the photos I had taken at my maternity shoot last week. And right next to the studio is a Pizza Hut restaurant. (And funnily enough, right next to that is a Kentucky Fried Chicken. No McDonalds though, so the song is incomplete.) After a few days of excellent numbers, I thought I deserved a treat. I can’t help but think that if I were a “normal” pregnant woman, I would definitely use that to justify both my desire and acting on it. So I used the phrase that every pregnant woman should use at least once: “But I’m preeeeegnaaaaaaant……” to make Ian relent. (I also tried to blame the desire for unhealthy pizza on Flangelina, claiming that they were sending me internal thought vibes demanding greasy pizza and that they would do horrible things to me on the way out if I didn’t oblige. Funnily enough, Ian did not buy this story.)

As an aside, “normal” or not, pregnancy is not really a good excuse to eat crap anyway. The average pregnant woman needs only a couple of hundred extra calories, and only during the third trimester. And she also needs plenty of good quality nutrition, rather than saturated fat! But it was a one off indulgence, so I still think I was justified!

The photos, for the record, are fabulous. We’ve ordered framed prints for our wall, but narrowing down the choice was very, very difficult. I’m so, so glad that I chose to make a record of my pregnancy in this way.

As for the pizza, I enjoyed every single mouthful. Even the heartburn it induced seems tolerable for a change. And I’m so looking forward to devouring the two remaining slices currently languishing in our fridge. Mmmm, yum!


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