Passing Time

I’ve got an odd feeling this weekend. It could very well be our last full baby free weekend, yet I feel too tired, huge and uncomfortable to do much to take advantage of that. And here’s a shameful admission…. I’m feeling sort of jealous that the first of the couples in our NCT group have had their baby this week. Totally irrational, because I know in two or three weeks time, so will we. And I’ll probably be wishing I’d made more of the freedom I had. But I suppose it’s natural to be desperate to meet your baby this close to the end of pregnancy, and to be rid of the physical inconveniences of having them hanging out inside you.

In an effort to both take my mind off the waiting and make the most of our remaining baby free time, we’re going to head out for lunch, and then to an afternoon showing of Contagion at the cinema. I’m trying to appreciate being able to do these things, despite feeling tired, huge and uncomfortable. And I really want to see the film, so that’s a positive incentive.

You never know, there could even be hidden benefits. There was a discussion amongst some friends on Facebook this week about the relative scariness of Contagion, which spiralled in to a debate about whether it may be sufficiently disturbing to prompt my body in to labour. I’m tending to think not, based on the trailer, but what a shock in would be for the person next to me if my waters should pop half way through.

Ordinarily I’d wonder whether a refund would be forthcoming in that sort of situation. But if it does happen, I think I’ll be too preoccupied to care!


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