I haven’t been able to wear my wedding and engagement rings where they belong, on the third finger of my left hand, since our babymoon adventure. Without them, I feel a bit naked.

Being married is important to me. I’m proud to have made a public declaration of my love, and commitment to my husband. Being married, as a soon to be mother, is even more important to me. I may simply be old fashioned, but on a practical level it also offers several legal protections for each of us and our unborn child. I always wanted to be married before I had children and to me, doing it the other way around would have felt backward. Whilst it wasn’t for me, I wouldn’t judge other people who choose to remain unmarried – at the end of the day it’s their business. But I also know that there are plenty of people out there who do judge. Usually older women, who I catch surreptitiously checking my hand out for jewellery. So I dislike not wearing my rings because other people won’t know that I am married.

It doesn’t help that I look young. I was asked to prove that I was over eighteen as recently as the beginning of this year, at the age of 31. I overheard a lady a few weeks ago make a comment about young mothers as I passed. I should be grateful for looking younger than my years, but I want these people to realise that I’m married, committed to my husband and future family. The very fact that they wish to judge people is wrong, and as much as they may judge me, I judge them for doing that. But whilst people persist in doing it, I don’t want to be the object of their judgments when they are totally inaccurate.


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