I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

We took a run down to the coast today to view the photos from my free pregnancy photoshoot. I was really happy with how they turned out and we had trouble selecting an image as our favourite to take as our free print. So of course, we did exactly what they hoped that we’d do – the whole reason they offer “free” shoots in the first place – and ordered a couple of extra prints. I’m only going to be pregnant with this baby once though. I may only be pregnant at all once, but even if we decided to have another, it would be a different experience. I only have now to capture this moment. And I do love my pregnant body. I’m more comfortable in my skin than I’ve felt in a long while, so I’m keen to celebrate that and remember it.

Mind you, looking at the images taken just a couple of weeks back, I cannot believe how much I’ve changed already. How much more enormous I am! I’ve known from the outset that I’ll continue to get ever larger, but it’s a different thing coming to terms with it actually happening. When I look at how stretched and hard my tummy is each day, it’s impossible to believe it can stretch still further.

It wasn’t as warm as the last time we were beside the sea but it was still a pleasant day and we decided to make the most of the trip down there and keep up with the “doing stuff whilst we can” attitude. So we made a visit to the new Turner Contemporary and then took a long walk along the sea front and finished up enjoying lunch. By the time we were heading struggling back up the (steep!) hill to the car park we’d left the car in, I was absolutely exhausted. It’s definitely true that stuff gets harder to do the more pregnant you get, and it seems that visiting an art gallery and then walking a couple of miles is my limit right now. Which I find as depressing as I find my body shape lovely. If I could have the body confidence and still be able to do everything that I usually can, feeling fit and strong, that would be my ideal. I don’t like feeling as though my lungs aren’t big enough to sustain more than mild exertion and that I don’t have the strength the haul myself about. It makes me feel lazy and unfit, even though rationally I know that not to be the true case.

Still, Flangelina seemed to have fun, kicking and rolling about during the car journey and as we wandered around the Turner, and then being soothed by the fresh sea air. Next time we go back, to pick up the images, we may well have him or her with us on the outside to enjoy it!


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