Full Term

37 weeks.

I’m officially “Full term”. Meaning that if the baby makes an appearance now, it’s considered perfectly “normal”. They wont be considered early and there will be no automatic need for special care or monitoring beyond standard blood glucose checks in the first 12 hours.

I’m not sure if it’s perfectly normal to feel such a sense of achievement at reaching this arbitrary mark. I suspect it probably is, but diabetes always makes achieving all these “normal” benchmarks that little bit sweeter.

Of course, now I’m just uber-impatient to meet this little dude or dudette. I feel enormous. I practically need a crane to shift me off the sofa and rolling over in bed is like moving an articulated lorry. I can’t sleep for more than an hour or so between the horrific heartburn and the almost constant need to pee. Which wouldn’t be so frustrating if every time I drag myself to the bathroom more than a dribble would appear!! I’m also permanently hot, with my in-built central heating, and all the effort of moving around just makes that worse. My rings don’t remotely fit and my ankles have been replaced by genuine bona-fide cankles. I’m so hormonal that the Dulux advert reduces me to tears – ridiculous!

Still, I don’t mean to moan. I feel incredibly blessed to have fallen pregnant, let alone reached this stage with fairly minimal problems. Pregnancy may be uncomfortable and damned hard work, but it is still a magical process that I feel lucky to have experienced.

I do really want to meet the child that we’ve created now though. I want to see who they are and welcome them to the outside world where I can snuggle them close. And I’m all the more impatient for knowing that all the statistics show that now is a perfectly safe time for them to make that entrance. It’s hard to remain patient, but at least I know it won’t be any more than another 3 weeks. That’s one positive of diabetes – it spares me the potential two week post-dates wait.


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