Fairy Softness

When I moved out of home and started buying my own laundry detergent around thirteen years ago, I started buying Fairy.

It had nothing to do with “Softness” or the cute baby picture on the front. Nothing to do with the brand at all really, but everything to do with cost. Quite simply, the first time I bought detergent, Fairy was on special offer. After that, it just sort of stuck, even though other offers came and went, and there were plenty of cheaper brands available during my cash-strapped student years. I discovered that I could use much less Fairy than I needed of other similar brands, making it work out cheaper per wash, and I quite liked the smell. My clothes always seemed clean and wore well. Job done.

Now I’m about to be a mother, my choice of laundry detergent has suddenly become the subject of comment. I honestly hadn’t realised that Fairy is supposedly the number one choice of mums-to-be. It’s marketed as being softer than other leading brands, gentler and kinder to skin. Of course, I’m well aware that this is likely to be mostly nonsense, in the same way that I think all washing powders wash pretty much as white as the next one. So my first instinct was to stop using Fairy. I didn’t want to feel like I was buying in to some myth or being exploited as a naive parent-to-be. I suppose the fact that I don’t believe the marketing hype meant that I didn’t want anybody to be mistaken that I did.

But on the flip side, there seem to be plenty of parents who will judge you for not using Fairy. I know there are far worse things on the great “not doing the best for your baby” scale than choosing supermarket own brand detergent, or even a bit of Daz. I also know that it’s my choice what to use and what to put on my baby’s skin. Which is really what it all comes down to. And on the plus side, Fairy is very gentle. On occasion that I have sampled other brands, I’ve found many of them smell more strongly and a couple even made me itch. If Fairy has been good enough for me for the past thirteen or so years, I’m very sure that it is good enough for my baby.

So for the past couple of days I’ve been doing the baby laundry, using Fairy detergent and softener. I’ve managed to overcome, to a degree, my clothing crisis . Or at least I’ve accepted that some of the clothes we have may not fit, but that can happen to anyone, diabetes or no, and it won’t be the end of the world in the grand scheme of things if we’ve wasted a few quid on sleepsuits that aren’t worn. I’ve actually been enjoying doing laundry for probably the first time in my life. Each time I catch sight of the rows of teeny tiny items of clothing hanging on the line I let out an involuntary internal “Awwwwww”. I’m even loving folding them all carefully up and putting them in their places in the nursery. The Fairy is doing its job. Everything is soft and fluffy and smells lovely.

The only problem is that everything is so soft and so cute that I keep taking items back out and unfolding them, marvelling at their size and taking a deep sniff of the lovely scent! I’m sure I’ll find the washing less cute when it seems never ending and everything is covered in baby poo and spit up but for now, at this rate, I’ll be needing to wash it all again before the baby arrives!


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