Curry Kickstart?

Six heavily pregnant women and six nervous fathers-to-be walk in to a curry house.

There’s no punchline: it’s an NCT group pre-parenthood night out!

With due dates rapidly approaching, there is obviously much speculation about whether the spice of the night will kickstart any, or all, of us in to labour. With a planned sweep on Tuesday, and the feeling of a deadline looming for me to go in to labour spontaneously, it more than crossed my mind to use the opportunity as a bit of a helping hand. I’ll admit that I ordered a fairly spicy option.

Of course, I regret it now. Not a whisper of a symptom other than excruciating heartburn.

That aside, it was a great evening. It struck me that there is a very high likelihood that this will be the last time all of us meet without any babies being in the picture, which strangely brought it home even harder how close we are to the finish line. You’d think I would have got that by now, with less than a month to go and formal arrangements about to be made for the eviction of Flangelina. Yet somehow I’m still managing to compartmentalise things, and not making the connection that the end of pregnancy will mean that we have a baby.

I think we’ve been extremely lucky that our NCT group has provided us with the new parent network we feel that we want and I’m looking forward to sharing our journey with these guys. Mindful of the looming changes in all our lives, we took the opportunity to get to know each other a little bit better as non-parents, and then to discuss some of these fears about how it’s all going to change.

Heading home afterwards, not even particularly late, but already shattered, I couldn’t help but wonder when Ian and I will next have a night out. And I know that we’ll have babysitters to worry about when we do.


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