Birth Month Eve

By the time next month comes to a close, we’ll definitely be parents.

Tomorrow, I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant. Throughout my pregnancy, we’ve talked about 38 weeks in much the same way that non-diabetic women talk about their due dates. Even when I was very unsure about whether I wanted to agree to early induction, I saw 38 weeks as the anticipated goal for a type 1 pregnancy. Even when I didn’t want to go through with induction, I knew it was a likely scenario, and 38 weeks is always the expected date. I suppose I’ve been regarding 38 weeks like my due date, and any time I go longer than that like the post-dates wait. So it’s odd to be sitting here today with the date that I’ve been fixated on for so long looming large.

I’m not, however, booked for an induction tomorrow. That in itself does not particularly surprise me. Aside from all my doubts about going though with it, I also knew the chances of having it booked at exactly 38 weeks were no higher than the chances of labour beginning spontaneously on the due date, so I’ve never really believed anything would happen on November 1st. I’m slightly surprised though that I have absolutely no idea yet about when I will be going in. Although in my mind I’ve made peace with the idea of being induced – am even, (as I think predicted way back) quite keen because I just want to meet our baby – we (us and the obstetric team) haven’t actually decided whether I will wait a bit longer, or try to go to forty weeks.

I have an antenatal appointment tomorrow morning. I’m expecting to be examined, with a stretch and sweep thrown in if things are looking favourable. My ideal scenario at this juncture would be to go in to spontaneous labour before being induced. If a stretch and sweep can help things along, the that will be great. I know that by the time I leave the hospital tomorrow, I’ll almost certainly have a date and a concrete plan though.

And yes, by month’s end, pregnancy will be in the past. Even if we go up to my due date before induction, that only takes us just over two weeks from now. Hell, even if I were a “normal” person, with a “normal” risk pregnancy, I’d be more than two weeks overdue by the 30th November and at the very least in the process of being induced. But I’m not. I’m high risk, and it’s time to get the show on the road.

I feel like I’ve been waiting for November ever since that second pink line appeared. Tomorrow it’s here.

Bring it on.


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