Babymoon Adventure

Does my bump look big in this?

When we booked to go away to the coast this past weekend, we expected that it was going to be autumnal. We wanted a few days to spend together as a couple for the last time before the baby, and so envisaged curling up in front of the log burner, and wrapping up for blustery walks along the beach. What we got was very different. The hottest October day on record at a scorching thirty degrees!

The house that we booked, down at Camber Sands, was right on the beach. The door opened on to the sand and we could hear the waves rolling all night. It turned out to be a little piece of heaven. In the warm early mornings, while the tide was out and the day trippers yet to arrives, we took glorious long walks along the water’s edge, our bare feet sinking through the sand, stopping to collect shells that I have a vague idea of sing for some craft project. As the beach filled up with sunbathers until hardly a square inch of sand was visible, and they began to scorch and roast under the hot sun, we retreated in to the shade of our house where we played board games and relaxed. As darkness wrapped itself around the dunes, we cosied up cooking lovely meals, watching DVDs and then gazing at the stars, before sharing a bath in the giant corner tub.

The only downside was that the degree of heat does not mix too well with heavy pregnancy. My feet swelled up to such a degree that I broke the only pair of flip flops I’d taken with me. (We had to search out more, along with sun cream, and it turned out that the beach-front shop from which we bought them had re-opened especially due to the hot weather!) I had to spend much of our indoor time with my feet propped up on a tall pile of cushions, and each walk we went for seemed to make them balloon yet more. My fingers were so puffed out that my wedding and engagement ring are currently residing on a chain around my neck. And I couldn’t walk too far or do too much without feeling utterly exhausted. But that was OK, since relaxation was our primary aim anyway.

It was odd to think that this was our last baby free holiday, just the two of us. I couldn’t help myself keep imaging a similar trip with our child in tow. Watching them paddle in the water, collect shells and build castles in the sand. It was a fantastic weekend, but I feel ready now for what’s coming next.


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