Baby, I’m A Star

Today I had my second photo shoot of this pregnancy. The one that I specifically booked, and was looking forward to the most, at the studio run by our fabulous wedding photographer.

Each time we visited the studio in the run up to our wedding, and then viewing our pictures afterwards, I noticed a gorgeous maternity shoot picture on the wall. It is a profile shot of a woman naked but for a long piece of flowing red fabric draped across her bump and then flying, as if in the breeze, out behind her. It really highlights the beauty of the pregnant form and since before I was pregnant I’ve know that if I ever was, I wanted a picture like that of me too.

I really do think that pregnant women have a special kind of beauty. I’ve long been fascinated with other ladies’ bumps. And funnily enough, right now I feel pretty beautiful too. I don’t usually hate my body, but I don’t think it’s fabulous, and I’m not always comfortable with my lumps and bumps and the way I look in clothes. I frequently struggle to feel attractive and I certainly wouldn’t class myself as gorgeous or even good looking. Pregnancy, however, has given me an unprecedented body confidence. I love my shape now. I don’t feel lumpy and bumpy anymore. Everything is stretched smoothly and I feel curvy, feminine and fabulous.

I’d carefully planned insertion of my infusion sets and CGM sensor so that I could take both out when I reached the studio. I knew I’d be OK for the length of the shoot without basal insulin, and I could re-insert a new set and new sensor immediately afterwards. Being medical device free added to my sense of freedom and confidence.

For the hour I spent at the studio, I felt like a star. We started with some clothed shots to capture the shape of my bump. We then moved on to some beautiful semi-naked shots – the kind I would never normally dream of posing for. And finally we played around with that flowing red fabric. For the duration of the shoot, I forgot about numbers, and diabetes and worried about the baby’s well being. I even forgot about my aching back and heartburn and all the other uncomfortable aspects of the third trimester. I had fun!

Obviously I haven’t seen the pictures yet, but I’m already excited. If I could offer one unusual tip to someone who is newly pregnant, it would be to book a photo shoot. Make the most of your truly amazing body, capture your unique shape and really, really enjoy doing it!


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