Yes…. I’m Hoooooooooooj

Thanks for pointing that out.

No, seriously, I actually hadn’t noticed that I appear to have a beach ball stuffed up my front. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen my feet in a while and why putting my shoes on is so difficult these days. I also wondered about how uncomfortable it is to sleep now and why I need a crane to manoeuvre me off the sofa.

Honestly! Do people really, seriously think that I haven’t a clue that I’m pregnant. I’m very well aware of my changed body shape, and having people point it out is not especially useful. But worse than that having them exclaim “Oooooh…. You must be about to drop” or “Really? You’re only [insert current number of weeks here]. You look massive/much further along/are you sure it’s not twins”.

There is nothing guaranteed to make a pregnant woman feel worse than commenting on the size and shape of her baby bump.

That is all. ☺


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