The Mystery of the Missing Chair

Last week I ordered one of the last big bits of equipment for the nursery: a glider chair. I’ve wanted one of these since I sat on one in John Lewis when I was about twenty two weeks pregnant. Sliding backwards and forwards felt so soothing, and I could just picture myself with my baby across me, doing night feeds and rocking off to sleep. (I can dream, anyway!)

I didn’t want to buy from somewhere like John Lewis or Mothercare though, because they are ridiculously expensive chairs in those shops! Especially when you can buy the exact same thing from a number of online outlets for literally a fraction of the cost. About a quarter of the cost, to be more specific. And I wanted to wait until I was on maternity leave to order it, so that I could be more likely to be at home when it was delivered. I finally got around to last week, choosing a company who specified a delivery time frame which meant that I should be in to receive it. It was due to arrive this past Tuesday, but didn’t. I didn’t have time to chase it up on Wednesday, but still no chair arrived, so I finally gave the company a call to see if we could figure out what had happened.

As it turned out, the chair had been delivered. Just not to me. In an administrative fuck mess up, it had been delivered to someone else who had ordered something else entirely. Yet strangely, on receiving a large glider chair that they hadn’t ordered, rather than ring the company to report it, they just decided to keep it! It reminds me a bit of the occasion earlier in the year when I was woken early on a Saturday morning by a banging on the front door and upon opening it a man in overalls shouted “I’ll just get it off the van.” Bemused, wondering exactly what it was he was going to “get off the van” I looked down the road to see another guy beginning to unload a brand new washing machine. But at that point I began shouting and waving at him that no, he’d got the wrong house. Evidently not everyone would do the same!

Fortunately I’m not expected to wait for the chair to be returned. A new one has been express dispatched to me and is due to arrive on Monday!


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