Swimming in the Sunshine

It’s been unseasonably hot this week. Which is great for the fact that I haven’t bought a maternity coat, and nor do I want to, so every day that I don’t need a coat is a bonus. It’s not so good for the fact that I’m getting scarily massive and carrying a baby in your belly is a little like having your own personal central heating system that is permanently switched on, and turned to high.

In an effort to cool down, as well as get some exercise and keep the baby lying in the right position, I went swimming this afternoon. I’ve been swimming fairly regularly throughout this pregnancy. I enjoy being able to exercise freely, without straining my back and joints. Flangelina seems to enjoy it too, bobbing around in their own watery place whilst I plough up and down the length of our local swimming pool. He or she is invariably super active when I emerge, which I tend to take as a sign of approval.

This afternoon it was so hot, sunny and just plain… well, nice, outside, that I decided to brave the outdoor pool. And it was beautiful. Sunlight sparkling off the surface of the warm water and a distinct smell of summer in the air, despite the calendar saying that autumn should be upon us. It was fantastic to float in the water, feeling it take my not inconsiderable weight. I sculled on my back in the water for a while, with my bump floating up to, and just protruding above, the surface, looking for all the world like a little lost whale. I had to laugh as a limb popped up and prodded the bump as if to say “get moving again mummy”.

The hardest part is always getting out, when I suddenly have to take all my own weight again. My legs feel like lead and it feels as though I have a ton weight strapped to my front. I often swim in the evenings, so I have to get out as the pool approaches closure. This afternoon I had nothing else to do, nowhere to hurry to and no reason to get out. So I spent a good two hours submerged in the water. I definitely felt heavy when I got out, but I felt wonderfully relaxed, which made me feel sort of free too.


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