Slow Motion

I spend a lot of my time thinking about my body, my baby and being pregnant. This is mostly because, thanks to the “high risk” classification of my pregnancy, I spend a lot of time at the hospital seeing the obstetrician and midwife, and being scanned. I also devote a huge amount of time each day to testing blood sugars, adjusting insulin doses, carbohydrate counting and generally taking care of diabetes things, all of which is especially motivated by the growing baby inside me. I’ve mentioned a number of times before, but I can’t wait to meet the baby and know that they’re OK, and fortunately all this focus and frequent medical contact is actually making things pass reasonably quickly. I seem to blink and it’s time for another appointment, or another scan, with each one bringing me closer to delivery. Sometimes I literally cannot believe that another week has passed.

It’s made me think, though, that pregnancy must pass so slowly if you don’t have something like diabetes to focus on. I’ve read plenty of complaints on parenting forums from women who feel “abandoned” because their midwife appointments seem so far apart and that nine months in their lives has never felt so long.

Given a choice, I think I’d take a slow, boring and uncomplicated pregnancy over the intensity and worry that’s making this one seem to go so fast. Hands down, it’d be a winner.


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