Not Quite Nesting

I haven’t been seized with any urges to clean out the kitchen cupboards, or dust the top of the wardrobes yet. To be honest, as much as I hate housework, I’m not sure that I will. But they say the nesting instinct is strong, and I do want a nice clean house to bring my baby home to, so we’ll see!

I have, however, been seized by a bit of a homemaking instinct.

We we bought the spotty curtains for the nursery, I bought some extra fabric, mainly so that we could use it to match paint colours. Then I ordered a glider chair for feeding in and set that up in the corner next to the curtains. The chair is lovely and comfy but just sort of…. Missing something. So I decided to make a cushion out of the remaining fabric.

This is my first ever proper sewing machine project. The sewing machine once belonged to Ian’s grandmother, and was donated to me by his mum. It’s a beautiful traditional singer machine with the hand wheel, albeit updated with an electric motor as well.

I think that I’ve always believed I couldn’t sew, although I remember my own grandmother patiently trying to teach me, helping me with a school textiles project on her own old Singer machine. So I was surprised how relatively straightforward I found it, and how much fun! Somehow it gives me a glow to know that I’ve made something specifically for my little one’s first bedroom.

That’s close enough to nesting, isn’t it?


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