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I like to be organised, although I’m the first to admit that I rarely attain the degree of organisation to which I aspire. I do like to make lists though. I’m the sort of person that likes to keep a “Master Packing List” so that I don’t forget anything when I go on holiday. It makes sense, then, that I’ve spent quite a bit of time working on a “Master Hospital Bag List”. In fact, I first started working on this back in July! I’ve been offered so many word of wisdom as to what to include that it made sense to stat writing them down. Hopefully it will be a while until I need this lot packed, but at list with the list in black and white I feel like I’m taking baby steps towards being prepared! (Pun very much intended!)

My plan is to have three bags. A “labour and immediately after” bag for me and the baby, that I could easily take to the hospital in a taxi on my own should the need arise, and have enough stuff until Ian arrives. Then a separate baby bag with more nappies, clothes for the baby etc (probably the changing bag) and finally a bag for Ian to carry.

My Bag:
Maternity notes and birthplan
Mobile and charger
Diabetes kit and medications including: Lucozade, glucose gel and glucose tabs, spare pump batteries, Dex charger, spare blood glucose testing kit, strips, insulin, syringes, spare cartirdges and infusion sets, spare DexCom sensors and adhesive tape.
Old T-Shirt or nightie for labour (although knowing me, I’ll probably get naked. I hate wearing clothes if I’m over hot, ill or in pain… so we’ll see!)
Nightie/PJs for after labour (suitable for breastfeeding)
Dressing gown or long warm cardigan
Warm socks and Slippers/slipper socks
Flip flops for showers (Have decided against this, as all rooms in new hospital have own en suite)
Disposable or cheap knickers (I think I’ll go the cheap granny pants route)
Nursing bras
Washbag with Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, comb, hairbands, face wipes, hand cream, deodorant
Vaseline/lip balm
Comb and hair clips to keep hair off face
Dettol wipes and small alcoholic hand gel (easier than relying on hospital supplies)
Heat pads for back
TENS machine and spare batteries
Dark towel (Previously erroneously told hospital don’t supply these, but they do. Dark to hide the mess….)
Washcloths (to put cold on forehead, or to wash with!)
Plastic bags in various sizes for wet/dirty things/rubbish
Maternity pads (AKA Mattresses. Yes, the big thick ones. A whole pack)
Breast pads
Small jug (for pouring water over sore areas when peeing!)
Nipple cream (Lansinoh)
Bendy straws (For drinking when lying down, or when someone else holding cup etc)
Some baby things in my bag: first outfit (vest, sleepsuit, hat) nappies, muslin, blanket

Baby bag, to be brought in from car after birth – with further nappies, nappy sacks, vests, sleepsuits, hat, cotton wool, muslins, first cuddly toy. (Probably not bottles/formula milk, as planning to breastfeed and understand hospital will provide if needed and I don’t have any.)

Ian’s bag
Phone, contact details, chargers
Money, including change for car park!
Uno (card game we love to while away time during likely induction)
Paper and pen
iPod and potable speaker + headphones
Camera, memory cards, batteries etc
Hand held fan
Change of T-shirt, deodorant, toothbrush and paste (all for him)

We also plan to stash some stuff in the boot of the car, such as:
Spare pillows, and my theraline maternity pillow. (NHS hospitals are not renowned for their provision of pillows)
My own birth ball (ditto)
Extra stuff that Ian can bring in including more water, snacks, Lucozade ad maternity pads.

I know will almost certainly have to stay in for at least a couple of nights even if I don’t have a c-section, so will bring the baby’s going home outfit and snowsuit in with the car seat. Ian will also bring in my going home clothes at the same time.

I will leave extra clothes, nappies etc for the baby, and extra supplies for myself (maternity pads, knickers, breast pads etc), in specific drawers in the nursery at home so that Ian, or someone else, can easily get stuff and bring it in.

It looks like a huge amount of stuff, but I’m determined not to look like I’m turning up to move in or go on a two week holiday. Hence leaving so much stuff in the boot of the car. Those maternity pads are pretty bulky!


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