Hard as Nails

I’m not really noticing thicker, more lustrous hair and I certainly can’t claim that my skin is flawless and glowing, but something rather nice has happened to my hands since I became pregnant. For the first time in my thirty one years, I have nice nails.

Ordinarily my finger nails are weak and flexible, prone to breaking and flaking. I usually have at least one sharp edge, with a nail growing out from having broken way down below the tip. My nails are never long and the cuticles and skin around them are often ragged. No amount of filing and manicuring will make them look a uniform shape, and no amount of pushing the cuticles back, moisturising or painting with nail strengtheners makes much difference. The only way I have ever experienced beautiful nails that I can’t stop looking at is to have professional extensions which are shaped and painted to perfection. (That will be “when I got married” then!)

It seems the solution I’ve been looking for is to fall pregnant. I have no idea if it is the hormones, or the pregnancy supplements that I’m taking, or just plain old coincidence, but for the first time in my life I’m having to cut my nails as they are becoming too long! They look neat and regular in shape. They don’t flake and they feel strong, instead of bending with the slightest pressure. I can’t stop looking at them. And drumming them on things to hear the satisfying clicking noise they make. (Perhaps I need to get out more!)

Sadly I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll probably have to give up my lovely nails when the baby is born, because I can’t imagine they’ll stay this way


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