Date Night

We went to the cinema this evening. It’s the first time we’ve been in a little while, but I was acutely conscious of the fact that it may be the last time in a lot longer. Taking a potentially screaming baby out to the cinema isn’t something we’ll be doing much of, especially given the price of tickets these days and the probable need to miss at least part of the film, nevermind the fact that I don’t fancy being the most hated person in the whole building for spoiling others enjoyment! It was nice to focus on doing something as a couple – on a date, I guess.

The film – Rise of the Planet of the Apes – was good. (And Flangelina enjoyed it, kicking and somersaulting around I there) Going out on a warmish summer evening and spending time together was good. Unfortunately my blood sugars were not good. I’d hoped to treat myself to some chocolate (Giant Smarties, to be precise), but instead spent the entire duration of the film chasing a ridiculous high that was caused by the infusion set I’d found detached from my body just before we left. I’d found it, hanging loose at the end of the tubing, when I changed my jeans shortly after eating dinner. Which meant it was shortly after bolusing for dinner. I had no idea at all whether the set had become loose whilst I was changing, or much earlier and therefore before I’d bolused.

I didn’t really want to completely double up on a bolus, especially given how big those boluses are now. But equally I didn’t want to underdo it, especially as my basals are also so epic now and if I’d missed some of that too I could get in to real trouble. In the end though I did repeat the bolus, rationalising that it would go towards covering what I ate whilst we were out if it was too much.

Which made it all the more frustrating that it wasn’t anything like too much It wasn’t even enough. I spent the film with half an eye on the CGM graph every few minutes, hoping to see a turn in the trend and my numbers levelling out. I bolused once per hour after the initial bolus and it was only as the credits were rolling and the lights were coming up that I finally saw things moving in the desired direction.

I did eventually get to enjoy some Giant Smarties as I continued to fall just a little too far after we arrived home. But I was annoyed that I’d been denied the opportunity to enjoy them like a normal person – with the film.

And whilst I’m glad that we didn’t cancel the trip out just to spend the evening at home watching my blood sugars, (as had crossed my mind, but I spend far too much time doing just that anyway) I’m sad and frustrated beyond belief that diabetes had to invite itself on our date night, which could well be one of our last pre-baby.


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