Baby Hiccups

I hate the hiccups. All my life I’ve been a regular hiccup-er and they are annoying beyond belief. It’s irritating to have your activity punctuated by each judder and twitch, and the ones that seem to catch on the way up really hurt.

Flangelina is a hiccup-er too. I remember the first time I felt the rhythmic little pulses from my bump that I’m now certain are hiccups. Even though it was a new sensation that first time, instinctively I knew that’s what they were. From that point on, they increased in frequency, my bump popping in and out visibly for a few minutes several times a day. They often seem to occur at similar times ad almost always at around 10 o’clock at night. If Ian places his hands over my bump he can feel them too. Deep, low popping sensations.

Like all baby movements, it’s nice to feel something to let you know that they are still alright in there. But yesterday, by the fifth set, they were beginning to get as annoying as my own hiccups. I must have sighed with frustration, because Ian asked what the matter was.

A few minutes after I declared how irritating the hiccups were becoming, he began to read out a series of facts about baby hiccups that he’d found on line. The main being that “ they are a good sign of a healthily developing baby”.

Suddenly I didn’t mind so much. It’s just another little reminder that we are progressing well. Keep at it, little one!


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