Welcome to the Third Trimester

I’m now 28 and a half weeks pregnant, and I’m pretty sure that we’re in to the third trimester. Opinion seems to vary on this one, with different sources stating the third trimester to start at differing times. But virtually all agree that the third trimester has begun by 28 weeks, so I’m guessing we’re there. Either way, I’ve got less than three months to go of this pregnancy.

It’s pretty amazing, and scary, to think that I’ve still got the bulk of the weight gain to come. I already feel enormous. I think my body has reached the limit of its pre-pregnancy elasticity and we’re in to full on over-stretching now. I’m just praying that the stretch marks stay away. As yet, all seems good on that front. I am moisturising as regularly as I remember, but I’m not really convinced that it makes much difference, as stretch marks aren’t caused by dryness. I think your skin type and genes probably have more to do with it.

The last few days have seen other symptoms really step up. I’m getting up more than once every night to pee, and my sleep is regularly interrupted by heartburn. My insulin needs continue to climb, and I know I probably have more insulin resistance to look forward to until they finally peak. I sit and stand like a proper pregnant person now, lower back arching in, hands rested on my bump. I think may even have begun to waddle when I walk.

Flangelina is still getting busy in there though. They seem to have their own pattern worked out and movements are pretty predictable throughout the day. Every evening when we climb in to bed it seems to be party time. Ian and I often watch amazed as big bits of my belly jut out and shake, and then Ian burrows under the covers to chat to the baby and have daddy bonding time. Which I find so cute that I want to cry. Which in turn is probably caused by the hormones!

I’ve got just over three weeks of work left, which is definitely for the best as I’m feeling exhausted. I’ve got lots to look forwards to once I’m finished as well. We’ve also got antenatal classes coming up and I suppose that I have to start thinking a bit more seriously and closely about the birth, as well as what to pack in my hospital bag.

We’re in to the final straight, and I’m focusing on the fact that with every passing day we’re getting closer to meeting Flangelina and also increasing the chances of everything being fine when they do make an appearance.


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