Upside Down is the Right Way Around

For natural childbirth, babies are better off standing on their heads. Personally I don’t think it sounds all that comfortable to be floating around upside in water for months on end, but it stands to reason really. The head is the biggest part of the body so it makes sense for it to come first, and since the exit is at the bottom, that’s where their head needs to be. And anyway, entering the world bum first doesn’t sound all that elegant!

Given that I have a strong preference for a vaginal birth if at all possible, I’m a little bit concerned that thus far, Flangelina is has remained stubbornly the right way up. Which is actually the wrong way up, if you follow me. They remained that way at our 4D scan this weekend, and although it meant we got some fabulous pictures, my concern grew a little bit more. The midwives and sonographers that I’ve seen have all remained unconcerned, reminding me that there is both plenty of time and plenty of room for the baby still to turn from its breech position.

I think it’s pretty common for babies to still be the wrong way around at this stage, and even if they were head down, they could easily turn around the wrong way again. But I’d just feel a bit more comfortable knowing that they were lining themselves up correctly. I can’t help but feel a little like things are conspiring against me having a natural delivery. The fact that I’m likely to be pushed towards early induction due to my diabetes. The low lying placenta that we’re waiting to have reassessed at 32 weeks. And now a potential breech presentation. I remember when I first mentioned to my obstetrician that I wanted to discuss the issues around early induction she said nonchalantly that it was “too early to worry about that. All sorts could happen. You could give birth early. The baby could be breech”.

Ever since, I’ve been dwelling on the possibility. Now I’m willing the baby to turn. I’m bouncing on a birth ball each day and swimming at least once each week. I’m wondering now if it might have done the trick. Yesterday night, lying in bed my whole bump visibly moved. Nt the rippling waves across the surface, or a body part poking outwards. It was a sort of physical lift and shift. At the same time I felt an enormous dragging sensation in my belly. This morning, I’m a different shape. I’m sure of it. Something feels a bit different and I’m hoping it’s not just wishful thinking.

We should find out at growth scan number 2 tomorrow morning. Let’s hope you’re upside down, baby.


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