In Four Dimensions

I’ve already had quite a few scans in this pregnancy, and I have at least 3 more “Growth and Fetal Wellbeing” scans to come. I know, purely from reading parenting and pregnancy forums, that a lot of women would give their eye teeth for these extra glimpses of their unborn baby and reassurances that everything is progressing as it should.

The thing is, I’d actually prefer not to need so many extra scans. I’d prefer to be having a low risk pregnancy without the constant worry of how big the baby is getting and whether my placenta is showing signs that it won’t make the finish line. Each time I’m booked in for a scan, I’m worrying about what they might, or might not, find. It’s full of tension, and it reminds me how medicalised this creating new life process has been for me.

All of which is part of the reason that we decided to book in for an additional, private, scan: A 4D Scan to be precise. Sometimes Ian and I lose sight of the fact that we’re parents-to-be. We forget that we should be enjoying this time, and our last months as a couple before we welcome our precious bundle in to our family. So we decided to have a scan that was purely for our enjoyment, with no measurements or assessments, just watching our baby swimming around in their little watery hidey-hole, and checking out what they look like right now.

I did some online research and we eventually elected to book the scan in Canterbury. It’s a bit of drive from home, but the package was a very reasonable one in terms of what was included for the price, and Ian had never been to Canterbury before so we figured we’d make a bit of a day out of it. When we set off bright and early this morning I had none of the usual anticipatory fear that I feel before a scan. Instead I was excited about seeing Flangelina in a new light. Wondering what they’d be up to in there, whether they would hide from us or show their face readily, whether they’d be turning somersaults or sucking their thumb.

Playing with the cord
Playing with the umbilical cord and scratching their head

For once the kid was not shy, showing us their full face and turning to give us a better view. We watched as they played with their umbilical cord. We watched them wave their hands across their face and then bring their feet right up to kick themselves in the forehead, feet stretched right above their head. Damn I wish I was that flexible.

Oww... just kicked myself in the head
Feet up by their head... I wish I was this flexible

Flangelina definitely has my lips, but I think I can spy Ian’s nose. We didn’t get to see the ears, so no clues as to whether they may have inherited my mouse ears, or Ian’s long ears, and definitely no idea whether they stick out or not! I do still think Flangelina is a boy though, based on the fact that I think its face looks sort of boyish!

I'm getting kind of squashed in here!

For half an hour Ian and I were captivated, ohhing and ahhing at the antics of our baby as they unfolded on the scream. And for half an hour we felt like ordinary, excited parents-to-be in a world where blood sugars and carb counts, abdominal circumferences and estimated weights didn’t matter.

It was awesome.


Who are you looking at?


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