Gro(w) Bags

I’m not especially tall. Five foot three or thereabouts. I could have done with being stood in a grow bag when I was a kid, to gain me a couple of extra inches, and make it easier to see at parades, the theatre and anywhere else that other people’s heads get in the way. So I was excited the first time I heard about baby grow bags. But then I realised they weren’t that kind of grow bag. They’re Gro bags. Baby sleeping bags.

I must admit that they strike me as an excellent idea. I think there is a lot of baby cr*p that is pretty useless. Like nappy wrappers. We’re actually planning to use cloth nappies anyway, (more on this soon) but a machine that turns disposable nappies in to string of pooey sausages? Erm… no thanks! There is also a lot of stuff that I have no idea whether it will be useful until we actually get to use it. Not having had a baby before, I’m still pretty clueless. Ask a bunch of mums ad they’ll all tell you different things that they found “essential”. And one parent’s “essential” is another parent’s “useless”.

But Gro bags are not only endorsed by every mum I’ve spoken to as invaluable, they also make sense to me. They’re essentially like a quilt, but they wrap around the baby, fastening with a zip, and then have shoulder straps that fasten with poppers, which means the baby stays lovely and warm, but as it’s closely fitted they cannot snuggle down underneath the quilted surface the way they can under loose blankets. It gives the baby some freedom to move around and kick their legs, but without the risk of their covers coming off (and then potentially waking up). And as a plus, they come in loads of funky designs.

The name Gro Bag comes from (one of?) the original makers but, like Hoover, is a brand name that has passed in to common usage. The bags made by the Gro company are endorsed by the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death as being safer for babies and reducing the risk of cot death. But the design of the many imitations is identical. The price tag is just a bit smaller.

So we’re stocked up with a couple of 2.5 tog (the maximum) bags for our winter baby. And hopefully they’ll help him or her to get a great night’s sleep, so they can grow big and strong!


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