Eating For Two…. But One of Us is Very Small

“Eating for two” is a classic pregnancy myth.

Well, OK, not entirely. I guess I a eating for both of us, but one of us is very small. And pregnancy seems to make your body much more efficient, because you can grow a whole new person without actually needing to eat very many more calories. In fact it’s suggested that women need only 200 extra calories per day and only in the third trimester. 200 calories is really not a lot. Take a look at some food packaging if you don’t believe me.

The trouble is, it’s hard to shake that “eating for two” excuse from your consciousness. Especially when you’re ravenously hungry at least half the time. And it’s also easy to justify less than optimal food choices with the “if I can’t indulge when I’m pregnant, when can I?” line. It doesn’t help me that I haven’t got the usual restraining check of the fit of my jeans or the rounding of my tummy to help me keep my eating in check. My body shape is so drastically altered, and I’m wearing such stretchy wasitbands that I really wouldn’t know, or at this point care, if I’d gained five stones.

The problem is, I know that I’ll care afterwards. I’m not stupid and I’m not in any way shape or form expecting my body to snap back to what is was. I’m not even hoping that it will ever be the same again, as I’m perfectly prepared to accept that my body shape may be altered forever. It’s worth it to make this little life, of course, but I am worried that I’ll have excess fat that I’ll wish I’d worked harder to keep off, instead of hiding it amongst the pregnancy bulges.

So I need to remember that whilst there are two hearts beating inside me, and two mouths, only one of them really needs feeding.


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