This week I have been mostly eating: lemon curd and Muller Corner yogurts.

I think I used to believe that pregnancy cravings were more psychological than physiological. Until they happened to me. Now I can tell you for sure that cravings don’t happen because you think they should, simply because you’re pregnant. It may still be partly psychological, but my need to eat certain foods has been completely irrepressible, to the point that I was nearly in tears walking from one shop to another to find a cherry flavoured Muller Corner last week.

Muller Corner six packs were on Buy One Get One Free recently. Ian eyed me more than a little suspiciously as I shoe-horned four lots – that’s 24 yogurts – in to our trolley and then our fridge.

“You’ll never eat that many, surely” he declared incredulously.

But eat them I did. My record was four in one day. At least, as the diabetes dietician pointed out, we know that I‘m getting my daily dairy quota in.

My other craving is stranger still. I’ve been eating lemon curd by the spoonful. Straight out of the jar. To the point that Ian had to start rationing it. I just can’t get enough of the stuff. It’s also a little harder to pas of as healthy, being packed with sugar. It’s only saving grace is that the fat content delays the absorption of the sugar, which is the only reason I can get away ith eating it without a massive detrimental impact on my blood sugars. I’m not sure what I’d do if I couldn’t eat it and maintain good numbers. The desire to consume it is so overwhelming that I can’t say for sure that the desire to maintain excellent control would be stronger. Which is a shameful thing to admit, but that’s just how powerful this craving is!

I suspect that after Flangelina makes their appearance, I’ll never want to see another Muller Corner or jar of lemon curd again. But for now, I’m indulging myself and trying t make it one of the few things that I do guilt free.


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